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    The 27 Most Middle-Class Pieces Of Graffiti That Have Ever Happened

    What do we want? QUICHE! When do we want it? In the near future.

    1. This delicate scribble to the leader of the opposition.

    2. This mural of everyone's favourite basil-based sauce.

    Twitter: @DomMadden

    The people of York do love their Italian food.

    3. And this humble tribute by some bins.

    4. This homage to the most hipster type of super green.

    5. This suggestion for a surprisingly delicious recipe.

    6. And these frankly confusing instructions.

    7. This glorification of the most middle-class grain out there.

    8. And this less artistic effort.

    9. This complaint about the gentrification of the establishment.

    10. This political statement, which itself has been cleverly vandalised.

    Twitter: @mrphoenix

    Huh huh huh.

    11. This very effective complaint.

    12. This handy reminder of the formula for the divergent series.

    Twitter: @victorybyname

    Very handy if you happen to be doing some calculus on the go.

    13. This statement, which is trying to educate our youth.

    14. And this little reminder to have your five a day.

    15. This show of appreciation for the poshest kind of meat spread.

    Twitter: @rubyaosman

    Think about it.

    16. This small but clever pun from the girls' toilet of the British Library.

    17. This declaration of love in Royal Leamington Spa.

    Twitter: @Mr_CallumWright

    The Queen would probably approve.

    18. This important statement found on a fence in Trafford.

    19. This tribute to the finer things in life.

    20. This artwork that finally tells the world what the most important breakfast cereal really is.

    21. This plea for everyone to appreciate some highbrow culture occasionally.

    22. The name of the softest gang around.

    Twitter: @TobyFoster

    But if you ever want something to go with your brie, give them a call.

    23. This political statement, reminding us what's really important in life.

    24. This announcement near some scaffolding in Norwich.

    25. This witty art history reference.

    Twitter: @MH_Lawson

    But not that witty because it's a toilet not a urinal.

    26. This tribute to your nan's teatime favourite.

    27. And this vandalism, done by a very disgruntled middle-class person.

    Twitter: @TobyFoster

    SO MUCH for the bluebells, indeed.

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