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21 Insanely Useful Skills All Work Best Friends Have Mastered

You can communicate an entire personality assessment in a raise of the eyebrows.

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1. Giving each other that look that silently says "we need to debrief this as soon as possible."


2. And then subtly following each other to the toilet where you talk about how terrible that meeting was.


But giving it enough time in between you both leaving so that it doesn't look too suspicious.

3. Giving each other pep talks whenever they are needed.

"You can do this, you can wait until 12 before you have lunch."

"You can do this, you can wait until 12 before you have lunch."

4. Quickly changing the conversation when the colleague you were bitching about enters the room.


5. Using team work to find out which colleagues are sleeping together.


Sharing resources and information is a key skill for any job.

6. And G-chatting any important gossip as quickly as you can possibly type.

7. Avoiding getting in trouble with HR against all the odds.


8. Not getting fired despite the fact that if your boss saw your Gchat history you definitely would be.


9. Checking three times that you are definitely sending an email to the right person.


10. Thinking up creative nicknames for several of your co-workers.


11. Ranking all your co-workers in order of who you would sleep with.


12. And then not telling anyone else you would ever do such a thing.

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13. Persuading each other to snack even when you promised yourself you wouldn't.


14. Finding out whenever there is free food and getting to it first.

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15. Always coordinating your plans so you can always have lunch together.


16. Making excuses when other people from work try to invite themselves to your plans.

"Yeh sorry we have tickets.""To the pub?""Yes."

"Yeh sorry we have tickets."

"To the pub?"


17. Backing each other up in every single work argument ever.


And always taking their side no matter what.

18. Making each other laugh even when you're both having a terrible day.


19. Offloading all your bitching on to each other so you can act like semi-professional humans to everyone else at work.


20. Being genuinely proud of each other whenever you achieve anything.

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And making sure all your other colleagues know about it.

21. And when you actually have to work together you're an unbeatable team.

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Even with all the tea breaks you take.