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    22 Things You Know If Tegan And Sara Were Your Teenage Idols

    This is where the good goes.

    1. Tegan and Sara are the definition of lesbian royalty.

    2. They were there for you in the dark years where you just needed some really good-looking lesbian twins to look up to.

    3. They made you realise that queer women could be seriously cool.

    4. They could even be cool when rocking the wispy mullet.

    Could you be cool and rock the wispy mullet? Probably not, but at least now you know it's possible.

    5. They showed us that all lesbians make mistakes sometimes.

    Seriously, Sara, blonde? What were you thinking.

    6. Your heart broke when they appeared in The L Word.

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    Everyone was sharing their memories of Dana (😭) and Shane when they both got stoned and went to a Tegan and Sara concert. A-mazing.

    7. They were definitely your style icons.

    8. You pride yourself in being able to tell them apart.

    They part their hair in different directions and only Tegan has a chin piercing. DUH.

    9. But you could never pick a favourite.


    10. You appreciate all their albums in different ways.

    Tegan and Sara

    Sure their early stuff was a bit alternative, but you still listened to all of it on repeat.

    11. Your friends didn't always share your obsession.

    They were wrong.

    12. You watched all of their interviews on YouTube.

    They are TOO CUTE.

    13. You know they they pulled off Bieber hair better than Bieber ever could.

    14. You overrelated to their kind of weird lyrics.

    You might have even written them out in an ~artistic~ font.

    15. Or you used their lyrics to tell all your friends how your truly felt.

    16. You love how cute their relationship is.

    "Why don't I have a lesbian twin to share beanies with?"

    17. You were kind of pissed when Glee covered "Closer".


    Wasn't even in a classic season of Glee, and it wasn't about Santana and Brittany. 😒

    18. If they came to your town you definitely went to see them live.

    19. Sara's cat totally melts your heart on Instagram.

    20. They showed you it was cool to be proud.

    21. And cool to fight for your rights.

    22. You're still kind of in love with them today.

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