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21 Foods More Beautiful Than Any Human

You will never be as beautiful as food.

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3. Take down all the pictures in your house and replace them with pictures of these mozzarella stick onion rings.

5. There is no way you're as hot as this chocolaty bread.

Instagram: @cheatdayeats

This is the chocolate babka from Bread's Bakery in New York.


8. You are not worthy of this simple margherita.

Instagram: @southg8lad

It's from Pizza Pilgrims in London, but that doesn't matter because you are not worthy of it.

11. These cookies should win America's Next Top Model.

Instagram: @mollytavoletti

They don't even need to smize. They are from Levain Barkery in New York.

12. These full English breakfast cups are hotter than you at your peak hot, just before you're about to go out on the town.


15. These fried spring rolls would flirt with your boyfriend right in front of you.

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It would hurt, but then you would just eat one and it would be OK. Learn how to make them here.


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