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    21 Foods More Beautiful Than Any Human

    You will never be as beautiful as food.

    1. You are not as pretty as this bread filled with mac ’n' cheese.

    Scott Loitsch / BuzzFeed

    If you wanna make these works of art, the recipe is here.

    2. No living homo sapien is as beautiful as this plate of pasta.

    You can't be this, but you can make this.

    3. Take down all the pictures in your house and replace them with pictures of these mozzarella stick onion rings.

    Alvin Zhou / BuzzFeed

    It's not legal to marry these (yet???), but you can make them here.

    4. Don't compare yourself to this apple pie/cake hybrid. There's no point.

    BuzzFeed Tasty

    Find out how to make it here.

    5. There is no way you're as hot as this chocolaty bread.

    6. Your boyfriend looks like poo compared with this eggy bacony cheesy bagel.

    Learn how to make one to replace your boyfriend with here.

    7. These Chipotle chips are sexier than any crush you've ever had.

    A Dash of Sanity / Via

    Luckily, unlike your crush, you can get these guys pretty easily right here.

    8. You are not worthy of this simple margherita.

    9. No one you've ever met is as pretty as these tacos.

    You could make them; it might make you better looking just by being near them.

    10. These honey garlic chicken wings are hotter than Ruby Rose and Chris Hemsworth's theoretical future child.

    They probably won't make a baby, but you could make these.

    11. These cookies should win America's Next Top Model.

    12. These full English breakfast cups are hotter than you at your peak hot, just before you're about to go out on the town.

    BuzzFeed Proper Tasty / Via

    Recipe here if you think you're good enough.

    13. These baked potato cups would be the cool kid at school.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    You can make them, but they probably still won't hang out with you.

    14. If this cheese and ham bread ring could do your job, it would do it better than you.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    Find out how to make one here. It will get you new friends.

    15. These fried spring rolls would flirt with your boyfriend right in front of you.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    It would hurt, but then you would just eat one and it would be OK. Learn how to make them here.

    16. These Parmesan sweet potato fries could be on the cover of any magazine.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    They'd make copies fly off the shelves. Learn how to make them here.

    17. This mini pizza is definitely more attractive than your mum.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    If you ask your mum nicely she might make it for you though. Recipe here.

    18. You boyfriend keeps a picture of this double cheeseburger in his wallet.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    Do you blame him? Find out how to make it here.

    19. These chocolate hazelnut churros will be in your dreams tonight.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    You can find out how to make them here.

    20. These cheeseburger onion rings are so out of your league.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    You can still make them though.

    21. This single gin and tonic chocolate truffle could probably earn more money than you.

    BuzzFeed Tasty /

    You know, if it had a brain, and some arms. Learn how to make one here.

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