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28 Faces Everyone Who Has Worked In A Nightclub Will Recognise

No one ever got free shots by asking for them.

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1. The "I Can't Remember When I Last Saw Daylight" Face.

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2. The "That Girl Just Stood On My Toes With Her Stilletto" Face.

3. The "Everyone Is Happy That It's Friday Apart From Me" Face.


4. The "The Bar Is Three Rows Deep And You Just Ordered the Most Complicated Cocktail" Face.

5. The "Oh You've Been Waiting For Twenty Minutes Have you?" Face.

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6. The "Can You Not Wave Your Money In My Face" Face.


7. The "I Am Going to End Up Calling That Guy a Cab" Face.


8. The "That's The Third Drink Someone's Spilled On Me Tonight" Face.

9. The "You're Really Trying To Flirt With Me While There's a Massive Queue Behind You" Face.

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10. The "Please Everyone Leave Now, I Would Like to Get Home Before the Sun Rises" Face.


11. The "You Want Free Shots Because It's Your Birthday" Face.

12. The "I Haven't Sat Down For Eight Hours" Face.


13. The "Customer Just Winked At Me While Asking for an Extra Strong Drink" Face.

14. The "Customer Asked Me if They Can Put Their Coat Behind the Bar" Face.

15. The "Oh You Left Your ID at Home Did You?" Face.

16. The "You Find The Weirdest Shit at the End of The Night" Face.

17. The "You Waited at This Bar For 10 Minutes But Didn't Get Your Money Out Until Right Now" Face.


18. The "I Just Spent 6 Hours Shouting Prices at People and Now I'm Never Going to Speak Again" Face.

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19. The "Can You Please Look at Me and Not Your Phone When You're Ordering" Face.


20. The "Oh You Worked at a Bar Ten Years Ago And Now You're Telling Me How to Do My Job" Face.

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21. The "Need to Collect Some Glasses from the Dance Floor" Face.

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22. The "Oh My God I Am Going To Be Deaf By Forty" Face.

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23. The "Customer Is Leaning Right Over the Bar" Face.


24. The "Customer Is Being Rude To Me Right Now" Face.

25. The "Customer Just Interrupted Me While I'm Serving Someone Else" Face.

26. The "Drinks Are Cheaper In This Other Club" Face.

27. The "Did That Custom Just 'Oi' Me" Face.

28. The "That Vomit Isn't Going To Clean Up Itself" Face.

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