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31 Faces Every Teacher Will Immediately Recognise

FINALLY THE WEEKEND... now I can catch up on all my marking.

1. The "Just Found Out It's Only Wednesday" Face.

“@MissTeacher_: Is this week over yet? #TeacherProblems” this week got me like ... @diptizzle

2. The "I'm Not Gonna Shout At Them This Time" Face.

@minikeash21 @Jolaineb @TobilovesU @TrayCtweets @NaturallyJam story of my life! #teacherproblems #behaviour

3. The "Are They Tricking Me or Am I Losing My Mind" Face.

Student: "We don't have a test today!! We have a test WEDNESDAY!!!!!" #teacherproblems #nowtakingbetsonhisgrade

4. The "Please Don't Ask Me How Much Marking I Have to Do" Face.

"How are your report cards going?" #teacherproblems

5. The "Need to Buy Thermals For Break Duty" Face.

6. The "Psyching Myself Up for Parent's Evening" Face.

Brace yourselves. Parent teacher conferences are coming #teacherproblems

7. The "I Am Only Halfway Through Parent's Evening" Face.

3 hours of parent-teacher conference after school for the next two days... #TeacherProblems

8. The "Plans for After School? You Don't Mean Lesson Plans?" Face.

This is pretty much my out of school life. #nqt #singlelife #teacherproblems

9. The "I Think I Saw Some Light Frost on My Way to Work Today" Face

Those hopeful mornings are upon us. So is disappointment. #snowday #studentproblems #teacherproblems #education #snow

10. The "I Answered That Question Five Minutes Ago" Face.

When you give directions four times and a student asks what we are doing #teacherproblems

11. The "Friday Afternoon" Face.

“@Blond_Teacher: Me at 3:30 every Friday. #teacherproblems ” @Marty_McFly44 @justapostgrad @Puzycat69 Motto of my life

12. The "So I Have How Many Free Periods This Year?" Face.

No one warns that a side effect of having a teaching schedule with no preps is weeks of eye twitches #teacherproblems

13. The "Please Do Not Be Sick On Me Child" Face.

When a student tells you they feel like they are going to throw up #teacherproblems

14. The "Did I Just Finish All My Marking?" Face.

Free time?!?!? I must be forgetting to do something!!! #teacherproblems

15. The "Really Should Spend More Time on Lesson Planning" Face.

This is me in class sometimes....ok most of the time... #teacherproblems #lovemyjob

16. The "I Have To Choose Between Sleep And Actually Planning My Lessons for Tomorrow" Face.

“Iím sleepy but still have a lot of lesson plans to make #teacherproblems ”

17. The "It's Still Six Weeks Until Christmas" Face.

“@Lmao: "How's your semester going" ”@MissMoyersWorld this is pretty much us, haha! #teacherproblems

18. The "This Lesson Would Have Changed Lives If Only The Powerpoint Would Load" Face.

When your lesson plan is on point, but the projector doesn't work...#teacherproblems

19. The "Why Are All the Kids Laughing" Face.

I made this face so much today I was worried it would freeze that way. #teacherproblems

20. The "That Was Actually Pretty Funny Kid, But I'm Really Trying to Be Professional" Face.

#Teacherproblems – your face when a kid says something completely hilarious that’s definitely not school-appropriate

21. The "I Haven't Quite Finished Yet Actually" Face.

"The bell does not dismiss you, I do" #school #teacherproblems

22. The "Oh There Is Such a Thing As a Stupid Question" Face.

23. The "Well Done You Did Exactly What I Asked" Face.

"I ACTUALLY did my homework last night!" #soproud #teacherlife #letsgiveyouanaward

24. The "A Student Just Asked Me a Question I Don't Know the Answer to" Face.

25. The "We All Have That One Student" Face.

When that student starts acting evil... #teacherlife #HarryPotter

26. The "You Think Teaching Is an Easy Job Huh?" Face.

As the snow starts and the cold weather sets in, my face matches this unimpressed great plains #toad

27. The "But You Get Such Long Holidays" Face.

My friends complain about their 9-5 job while I'm over here grading papers, analyzing data, contacting parents...

28. The "I Can't Believe It's Sunday Night Already" Face.

When you realize the weekend is over... #teacherlife

29. The "Last Day Of Term" Face.

For all my friends who finished their last day of school today. You're free! #teacherlife #SummerBreak2014

30. The "Important New Changes to the National Curriculum" Face.

31. The "Oh My God I'm Actually Making a Difference" Face.

My face today when a student said something math related was cool #happyteacher