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22 Faces Every Hairdresser Will Recognise

Always be nice to the person holding the scissors.

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1. The "Client Wants a Big Change, but They Want to Keep the Length and They Don't Want Any Colour" Face.

2. The "Seriously Can You Stop Moving Your Damn Head" Face.


3. The "My Crotch Totally Just Touched Your Elbow" Face.


4. The "Running 15 Minutes Behind Schedule and My Next Client Is Staring at Me" Face.

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5. The "Does This Client Realise They're Being Rude to the Person With All the Power Here" Face.


6. The "Client Has Been Experimenting With Doing Their Own Colour at Home" Face.


7. The "You're Lying to Me, I Know You Bleached Your Own Hair in the Bathtub" Face.

8. The "Client Wants 'Just Three Layers'" Face

9. The "You Want to Get Rid of Four Inches of Split Ends, but You Only Want a Tiny Little Trim" Face.


10. The "Does That Client Think This Is a Creche or a Salon?" Face.


11. The "Client Is Talking but I Can't Hear Anything Over the Hair Dryer" Face.

12. The "No I Am Not Looking Forward to the Weekend, Because I Am Working 10 Hours This Saturday" Face.

13. The "I Can't Remember the Last Time I Sat Down" Face.

14. The "Friend Just Casually Mentioned They Need a Haircut on My Day Off" Face.

15. The "Client Hasn't Closed Their Eyes While I'm Washing Their Hair" Face.


16. The "Client Is Moaning While I'm Washing Their Hair" Face.

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17. The "Really Should Have Worn Gloves While Dying That Lady's Hair Red" Face.


18. The "That's Not My Hair in My Bra" Face.


19. The "This Client Has Cancelled Two Appointments and Is Now Trying to Book Another" Face.

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20. The "This Client Wants to Go From Black to Platinum Blonde in Two Hours" Face.

21. The "Just Got Another Hair Splinter" Face.

22. The "Client Is Shocked at My Prices" Face.