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    23 Faces Anyone Who Commutes By Bus In London Will Recognise

    You've seen some shit.

    1. When the bus driver is having an argument and he turns the engine off, because shit is serious.

    2. When you Usain Bolt it for the bus, but you miss it.


    3. When you're on the bus and you see someone running for the bus and miss it.


    4. When you realise that the traffic is so bad you're moving slower than walking pace.


    5. When the board says 17 minutes until the next bus.

    6. When you've got a seat but it's really crowded and someone's crotch is too close to your face.

    7. When you accidentally ring the bell, but it's not your stop, and no one else wants to get off or on.


    8. When the driver has opened the front doors, but not the back doors and you need to get off and you think he's forgotten about you.

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    9. When the bus drives past loads of desperate people with their arms out because the bus is full.


    10. When you're the one waiting at the bus stop with all the full buses going past.


    11. When driver says he's not driving anywhere until there's no standing on the upper deck and everyone's moved down the bus.


    12. When there's something mildly illegal (like smoking on the bus!!!) going down and you're just trying to mind your own business.


    13. When it's really crowded and you're in someone else's armpit.


    14. When you let the person at the window seat get out without leaving your seat.

    15. When bendy buses were still a thing and you'd stand on the bendy bit.

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    16. When you first went on a new Routemaster and saw they have two staircases.

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    17. When the board has been saying your bus is four minutes away for eight minutes now.


    18. When your bus driver beeps and waves at his bus driver friend.


    19. When you hear the dreaded "this bus terminates here".

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    20. When you're nearly at your stop and then the bus makes a wrong turning because of a diversion.

    21. When you thought there might have been an announcement about a diversion or something but you had your headphones in.


    22. When you sit down on a seat and it's slightly damp.

    The CW

    23. When it's 9am and someone's already tucking into some fragrant Chicken Cottage.


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