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    Sep 26, 2015

    21 Drunk Conversations Every Girl Has Had At Least Once

    "If we're both single when we're 39 we have to get married."

    1. The "No I Love You More" Conversation.

    DreamWorks SKG

    When you're out with your best friend, and it suddenly dawns on you that they're the best person in the world and nothing else matters.

    2. The "I Wouldn't Be Telling You This if We Were Sober" Conversation.


    It's 2am and suddenly you find yourself acting out sexual positions and talking about that weird noise when you're having sex and your tummies make a fart sound.

    3. The "Is That Weird?" Conversation.


    This is when you admit something kind of gross with the hope that everyone else will be like, "OMG same!" because otherwise you will probably lose all your friends.

    4. The "OMG I Haven't Seen You in Ages, We Should Totally Get a Drink Some Time!"


    And you never, ever, do.

    5. The "So Who Do You Hate?" Conversation.


    Everyone needs a little bitch sometimes, and being drunk just let's it all out.

    6. The "When Can We Leave?" Conversation.


    When instead of fun-drunk, you've become tired-drunk and you just want to be in bed.

    7. The "All I Need Is a Lot of Greasy Food Right Now" Conversation.

    Cartoon Network

    Usually this follows the "When can we leave?" conversation.

    8. The "I Should Definitely Text My Ex, Because Then They'll Love Me Again" Conversation.

    Hopefully the person you're having it with will be slightly more sensible, but probably not.

    9. The "OMG Don't Look Now, But That Is the Most Attractive Person I've Ever Seen" Conversation.


    And of course you end up being really obvious about it.

    10. The "You Might Not Realise It, but I'm Trying to Flirt with You" Conversation.

    Usually followed by the risky lunge.

    11. The "I Will Probably Die Alone" Conversation.


    When it feels like you are the only single person at the party and you will never fall in love or have sex ever, ever again.

    12. The "If We're Both Single When We're 39 We Have to Get Married" Conversation.


    Nine times out of ten these people will get off wayyyy before that age, and it will go badly.

    13. The "Very Questionable Advice" Conversation.


    When someone has a love life dilemma and everyone has a different, terrible opinion on what they should do.

    14. The "No You're Really Hawt" Conversation.

    Paramount Pictures

    "Seriously though I would kill for your legs."

    "No Shut up! I would swap them for your tits any day."

    15. The "Deep but Somehow Meaningless" Conversation.

    A&M Films

    "Do you ever just like think about like..."

    "...Yeh like totally."

    16. The "I Could Be Prime Minster, I Would Totally Sort Shit Out" Conversation.

    New Line Cinema

    Ditto with Oscar winning actor, novelist, or running a marathon.

    17. The "Remember That Time When" Conversation.

    Warner Brothers

    And then you'll bring up the most embarrassing thing you can remember about the other person.

    18. The "When Did We Get Soooo Old" Conversation.

    Walt Disney

    You won't get ID'ed and suddenly you'll feel 103-years-old, this usually happens when you're about 24.

    19. The "Who's Gonna Get Married First?" Conversation.

    Disney Pixar

    Followed by "Who will have babies first?" and "Who is most likely to go to prison?"

    20. The "You Should Totally Follow Your Dreams and Be the Unicorn I Know You Can Be" Conversation.


    "Yeh fuck getting a normal job, we should open a bakery."

    "Yaasss I've ALWAYS wanted to open a puppy cafe by the beach."

    21. The "We Only Just Met but Now We're Best Friends" Conversation.

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