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21 Cringe Things Every British Teenager Did When They Got Drunk

You're not proud, but getting drunk in freezing-cold parks made you who you are today.

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2. Strawpedoed a load of alcopops, or winepedoed if you were a proper lad.

For the uninitiated, this is just a way of downing stuff really fast out of a bottle. The straw lets air in to replace the lost liquid, making for the fastest ejection of liquid possible. Probably the best physics lesson most of us ever had.


11. Bought knockoffs of alcohols that were already pretty cheap and grim.

You just weren't quite classy enough for Apple Sourz.


14. Used literally anything as a mixer.

Using milk as a mixer. #thestruggleisREAL

There is a reason normal grown-ups don't do this.

15. Stayed over at a house party because you had no way of getting home and slept literally anywhere.

You had to leave early enough so that you didn't feel roped into the cleanup, but late enough so that your mum believed you'd been staying over at Chloe's the whole time.


17. Had a "kotch" or a "gathering" when you had a free house but didn't want it to get out of control.

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Why were we incapable of just saying "having some mates over"?

19. Got low-key dressed up for what was essentially drinking Frosty Jack's on a street corner.

are you even a girl if you don't tell people you're wearing jeans and a nice top ????

But then you just had to wear your coat over everything anyways.

20. Played many drinking games that involved downing a cocktail of everyone's drinks mixed together.

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Standard ring of fire king cup: Some delicious squash and vodka, some passable cider, some wine, and some cunt who chose to drink ale.

21. Continued to do some of these things in your twenties.

OK so you don't smuggle booze into pubs any more, but you love a bit of journey juice, and the park is still the best place to get drunk (but only when it's actually summer).