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21 Cringe Things Every British Teenager Did When They Got Drunk

You're not proud, but getting drunk in freezing-cold parks made you who you are today.

1. Kicked one of these.

"Fuck the man. This will show them – I'll kick one of their flimsy roadside safety objects."

2. Strawpedoed a load of alcopops, or winepedoed if you were a proper lad.

For the uninitiated, this is just a way of downing stuff really fast out of a bottle. The straw lets air in to replace the lost liquid, making for the fastest ejection of liquid possible. Probably the best physics lesson most of us ever had.

3. Stole spirits out of your parents' ancient drinks collection and then topped them up with water.

Twitter: @mirandascapp

How many mums out there have innocently sipped on a disappointingly weak gin and tonic?

4. Did 95% of your underage drinking in a crap park.

Twitter: @daisygorman

Even if it was drizzling and only 13ºC.

5. Broke into a children's playground at night and took lots of pics on the climbing frames and swings.

Twitter: @lew_jenkins

It was both rebellious and a romantic place to snog.

6. Purposefully dressed up as an adult to try to get served in your local corner shop.

Twitter: @ellieMcampbell

They probably knew you were 16 but didn't really give a shit.

7. Bought this brand of surprisingly cheap vodka and then were bitterly disappointed when you worked out it was only 20%.

8. Memorised your new star sign whenever you borrowed someone else's ID to get into a club.

Twitter: @deaandralynn

Because this was the real way bouncers were going to tell you were only 17 rather than just looking at your face.

9. And hid a miniature Glen's vodka in your bra so you didn't have to buy drinks when you got in.

You bought a Diet Coke to put it in if you were feeling flash.

10. Drank Lambrini because you didn't really like wine yet.

Twitter: @dewannawanga1

Also it's like £1.99 for a litre.

11. Bought knockoffs of alcohols that were already pretty cheap and grim.

12. Spent all your money on 3-litre "sharing" bottles of very cheap cider.

You quickly worked out how to get the most units for your money.

13. Drank a premixed journey juice out of a water bottle on the way to whatever shit park you were going to.

No one thought it was just squash in that bottle.

14. Used literally anything as a mixer.

Using milk as a mixer. #thestruggleisREAL

There is a reason normal grown-ups don't do this.

15. Stayed over at a house party because you had no way of getting home and slept literally anywhere.

You had to leave early enough so that you didn't feel roped into the cleanup, but late enough so that your mum believed you'd been staying over at Chloe's the whole time.

16. Took way too many photos of all of this happening on actual digital cameras.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

If you're lucky these stayed on Myspace and didn't make the jump to Facebook.

17. Had a "kotch" or a "gathering" when you had a free house but didn't want it to get out of control.

18. Went to a pub, got your one tall mate with big boobs to buy you a drink, and then decanted tinnies into that glass all night.

Twitter: @LooNews

We've come a long way really.

19. Got low-key dressed up for what was essentially drinking Frosty Jack's on a street corner.

are you even a girl if you don't tell people you're wearing jeans and a nice top ????

But then you just had to wear your coat over everything anyways.

20. Played many drinking games that involved downing a cocktail of everyone's drinks mixed together.

Twitter: @huneh

Standard ring of fire king cup: Some delicious squash and vodka, some passable cider, some wine, and some cunt who chose to drink ale.

21. Continued to do some of these things in your twenties.

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