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    Updated on Dec 20, 2018. Posted on Nov 22, 2014

    The 26 Scariest GIFs You Will Ever See

    WARNING: This post is horrible. Reddit users decided to share their creepiest gif, and everyone kind of wishes they hadn't.

    1. This GIF that definitely contains too many arms.

    2. Many tiny spiders.

    3. The creepiest way to eat some ice cream.

    4. The monster under the bed, that's not just in your head.

    5. The ice cream that licks back.

    Noooo Mr Whippy.

    6. The man who you're not sure is there or not.

    7. This creepy Sims fanfic.

    8. Armadillo-woman-insect-creature.

    9. Why is this woman trying to spoon? It is definitely unnecessary.

    10. This mother spider and all her horrible children.

    11. Jack in box = creepy. Children = creepy. Clowns = creepy. Put them all together = TOO CREEPY.

    12. The worst thing that has ever happened to anyone ever.

    13. This naked man walking into the darkness to meet a weird squid human.

    14. These incredibly creepy woodland figures.

    15. The creepiest crawl of all.

    16. This imagination of a utopian future where cats are our giant slaves.

    17. Ban clowns.

    18. Who are these people that put spiders in their mouth?

    19. Seriously where do they come from and can they just stay there?

    20. A man turning into a car.

    Don't know why so creepy.

    21. This cicada.

    T. Nathan Mundhenk / / CC

    22. These creepy shoe mouths.

    23. This horrible adult baby.

    24. The frilled shark.

    ITN / Via

    25. Another horrifying adult baby.

    26. And the overly friendly rabbit.

    OK now look at this nice kitten blinking to cleanse your eyes.