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18 Problems Only People Who Are Always Cold Understand

You are always in a heating war.

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5. And any outdoor event requires a lot of preparation.

Interpretation of my life. I'm always cold.

You'll probably need to bring your whole wardrobe and several blankets.

6. But the worst is when you're flirting with someone and then they say, "Want to go outside?"


Obviously you want to carry on flirting with this person in more private, snogging-friendly surroundings, but you also don't want to freeze to death.

7. If you need to pee in the night you will weigh up if it's worth freezing your arse off on the cold toilet seat, or if you'll just have to hold it until morning.


16. It takes you twice as long to get dressed as warm-blooded people.

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Mainly because you're always worrying whether you're wearing enough clothes, but also because you wear twice as many clothes it takes twice as long to put them all on.