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Choose Either Salty Or Sweet Foods And We'll Guess Your Age

Your cravings will reveal the truth.

  1. Fried chicken or a doughnut?

  2. Roast dinner or sticky toffee pudding?

  3. Cheesy chips or brownie?

  4. Bacon sandwich or a cinnamon roll?

  5. Tacos or chocolate chip cookies?

  6. Greek salad or baklava?

  7. Cream cheese bagel or Nutella toast?

  8. Salted peanuts or rocky road?

  9. Crisps or chocolate?

  10. Steak or chocolate lava cake?

  11. Hot dog or ice cream?

  12. Pasta or muffins?

  13. Sushi or cheesecake?

  14. Chicken pie or apple crumble?

  15. Croque monsieur or pain au chocolat?

  16. Dal or fruit salad?

  17. Chips or sweets?

  18. Salty popcorn or sweet popcorn?