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    Posted on Jun 4, 2016

    23 Photos Of Chips That Are Seriously Sexy For All British People

    Chip shop chips are what potatoes were born for.

    1. These perfectly simple chip shop wonders.

    2. These chips covered in crunchy scraps.

    3. These chips where the cheese is perfectly melted.

    4. This cone of wonder that probably contains chips under all the cheese and gravy.

    5. These chips drowning in curry sauce.

    6. And these ones with a side of beach and a side of curry.

    7. This saucy bap.

    8. Or this over-flowing saucy butty.

    9. This simple gravy delight.

    10. And these ones in a handy cone.

    11. This bag of salty indulgence.

    12. This messy mushy pea close-up.

    13. These chips served with a giant wally.

    14. These beauties next to the perfect pie.

    15. This collage ode to British cuisine.

    16. This mini portion of happiness.

    17. This chippy sauce mayhem.

    18. These chips that you know taste better like this than they would eaten off a plate with a proper fork.

    19. This sacred combination.

    20. This pile of glory that you know tastes better than any french fry or wedge.

    21. Because you know that this is how chips are meant to be.

    22. Because whatever they're topped with or dipped in chippy chips are delicious.

    23. And British chip shop chips are probably the finest form of potato in the world.

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