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    21 Ways To Welcome More Cheese Into Your Life

    Most things are better with cheese.

    1. Cheesy pull apart bread.


    Also contains garlic, a well known friend of cheese. Recipe here.

    2. Mashed potato cheesy pancakes.


    That's three good things that should get to know each other more often. Recipe here.

    3. Cheesy roast potatoes.


    Like posh cheesy chips. Recipe here.

    4. Parmesan chicken fingers.


    Like chicken nuggets, but a bit posher, and cheesier. Recipe here.

    5. Broccoli and cheese stuffed baked sweet potatoes.


    Kind of healthy too. Recipe here.

    6. Bacon, cheese, and guacamole, together at last.

    7. Cheese, onion, and potato pasties.


    Ultimate comfort food. Recipe here.

    8. The best cauliflower cheese.


    Because vegetables are nicer with cheese on top. Recipe here.

    9. The ultimate cheese pasta, with crispy pancetta.


    Recipe here.

    10. Easy cheesy fondue.


    No need for any special equipment. Recipe here.

    11. Baked cheesy asparagus.

    Nathan Outlaw / Via

    Lovely asparagus all tucked up with a delicious cheesy blanket. Recipe here.

    12. Halloumi and houmous brioche.

    Sweet brioche with salty halloumi, yes please. Recipe here.

    13. Cheese covered olives.


    Hand around at a party, or make a plate just for you. Recipe here.

    14. Grapes and cheese are a match made in heaven.


    These ones are covered in goats cheese and then hazelnuts. Recipe here.

    15. Goat's cheese and blackberry sticky buns.

    Cheese and fruit is a winning combination, so why not put that in a sticky bun. Recipe here.

    16. Goat's cheesecake with figs, pecans and honey.

    Having a cheesecake instead of a regular cake is an easy way to get more cheese in your life. This recipe looks perfect.

    17. Carrot cake with maple syrup cream cheese frosting.

    If you insist on having normal cake, the least you can do is cover it in cream cheese frosting. Recipe here.

    18. The ultimate cheese on toast.


    This recipe has five ingredients, but if you're feeling a pure cheese hit, the winning combination of cheese + toast, never fails to disappoint.

    19. The best cheesy baked potato.

    A cheesy baked potato is the food equivalent on a good hug, this one has bacon too!

    20. The cheesiest burger.

    Cheese in the middle, cheese on the top, is this too much cheese? No. Recipe here.

    21. Baked brie.

    For when you just want pure luxurious cheese. Recipe here.

    Thank you cheese.