Cats On Instagram Vs Cats In Reality

Some things no filter can fix.

1. Cat cuddles on Instagram.

Cat cuddles in reality.

2. Sleeping with your cat on Instagram.

Sleeping with your cat in reality.

3. Catflaps on Instagram.

Catflaps in reality.

4. Cats in the snow on Instagram.

Cats in the snow in reality.

5. Walking a cat on Instagram.

Walking a cat in reality.

6. Cat selfies on Instagram.

Cat selfies in reality.

7. Giving your cat a bath on Instagram.

Giving your cat a bath in reality.

8. Scratching posts on Instagram.

Scratching posts in reality.

9. Lap cats on Instagram.

Lap cats in reality.

10. Cats living with dogs on Instagram.

Cats living with dogs in reality.

11. Cats enjoying the view on Instagram.

Cats enjoying the view in reality.

12. Cats sleeping on Instagram.

Cats sleeping in reality.

13. How cats use cat beds on Instagram.

How cats use cat beds in reality.

14. Your cat’s favourite toy on Instagram.

Your cat’s favourite toy in reality.

15. Dressing up your cat on Instagram.

Dressing up your cat in reality.

16. Hanging out with your cat on Instagram.

Hanging out with your cat in reality.


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