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    19 Ways To Deal With Your Haters

    Fact: If you can't see the haters, they were never there.

    1. If you've got haters, you've got to block those haters out.

    2. There are many effective ways of blocking out haters.

    3. Cash is an excellent method of blocking out some pesky haters.

    4. But if you're hard up you can always rely on chicken nuggets to be there for you.

    Twitter: @brandyperc

    Because those haters got nuggin on you!

    5. Nappies might not be the most fashionable way to block out the hate, but desperate times call for unfashionable hater blockers.

    6. Bras make excellent hater blockers.

    7. Use whatever you have to make sure you aren't hearing any of that hate.

    8. If it all gets too much, find a happy place where no hater can find you.

    9. Make sure you don't block everything out, or life can get a little dangerous.

    Twitter: @AnnieSinisgalli

    Just block out the haters!

    10. Though if you can find a solution to block out both the cold and the hate, then good for you!

    11. See-through hater-blockers are both very practical and stylish!

    12. If you don't have hater blockers to hand, fool your haters with emojis.

    13. Get matching hater blockers for you and all your friends.

    14. Love is the most effective way to block out haters.

    15. So put your love glasses on and they will filter out that hate.

    16. If you encounter a hater in the wild, shower that hater in love.

    Love > hate.

    17. But if that doesn't work tell those haters exactly what to suck.

    Tell them to suck your balls. (This works even if you don't have any actual balls.)

    18. Listen to Kevin G.

    paramount pictures / Via

    19. And never forget the wise words of Brandon Bowen, king of blocking out the haters.


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