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28 Reasons Why Dating Is The Most Awkward Thing On The Planet

You're meeting someone you don't know very well to see if you want to have sex with each other. ARRGHHHHH.

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3. First of all you have to find someone you want to date, who also wants to date you, who is single, and preferably geographically near you.

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There are probably about three datable people in this whole world for you right now.

4. If you meet people through friends there will be an avalanche of gossip with your every move.

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Your date's true feelings will be twisted through such a web of Chinese whispers that any information you do get is utterly useless.

"I definitely heard through Nicky that Damien liked that top you wore to Charlie's the other night."


12. How do you know whether the flirting has been successful or not?


Like, if they walk off, that's a good sign it hasn't worked out. But what if they make a really good excuse just before they walk off?


14. So you got their number, and there is a chance that they are at least considering dating you. What the hell are you meant to say to them now?

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Do you chit-chat? Do you just go in with the date arrangements straightaway? Is that too business-like? Are dates just business meetings for your genitals?

15. Once you have finally persuaded someone to go on a date with you, you then have to find a date and time that you're both free, which is usually impossible.

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This is because the modern world demands too much of us, and everyone has to spend at least three nights a week lying on their sofa doing nothing, otherwise it all gets a bit much.


21. If you drink, then you have to drink until you are maximum charming, without being embarrassing.

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This too is impossible. The only hope is that they are the exact same level of drunk as you are.

22. What do you do when you suddenly realise that you two are just not meant to be?

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You have to sit through the rest of the date smiling and nodding, because anything else would be way too awkward.