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Here's How To Get Your Cat Ready For Easter

You need to turn them into a lil' bunny rabbit.

It is quite simple to turn your cat into a bunny for Easter.

All you need is your own hand and a reasonably patient cat.

There is no need to buy expensive bunny costumes this easter.

You don't need to DIY a pair of socks into a pair of bunny ears.

Just give your kitty's ears a lil squeeze.

And, hey presto! You got yourself a slightly annoyed bunny-cat!

Unless you manage to do this when they're asleep.

Sometimes your cat will turn himself into a bunny, simply by doing that cat thing of falling down between your legs.

Your cat won't look half as much like they're plotting your death if you use the manual bunny-ing technique.

This way you can get that all important Easter-themed cat photo, without fearing for your life.

Your cat may think less of you post bunny-ing.

But it's worth it for that cute bunny-cat look.

This cat is really feeling his new bunny look. 💁

😻 ➡️ 🐰

Bonus: This also works on dogs.

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