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    21 Things You Just Get If You Met Your Best Friend At An All-Girls' School

    You have zero boundaries left.

    1. You could confidently list everyone they snogged during school and how washing-machine each one was.


    Including their boyfriend they had for three weeks in year nine that they went to the cinema with once.

    2. No detail is ever too much.


    Nothing is ever too embarrassing when you're talking about sex together. In fact if they're aren't diagrams then it's a bad story.

    3. You probably actually snogged them as well.


    Truth or dare is boring unless someone gets naked or someone snogs, everyone knows that.

    4. You never make an effort for each other when it comes to your appearance.

    Girls' school was more about breaking uniform rules for ultimate comfort than for ultimate sex appeal.

    5. You don't even think twice about peeing in front of each other.


    Why would you break the conversation just because of a regular bodily function?

    6. When you've got the shits you'll actually tell them rather than saying you're "sick".

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    Because all boundaries have long been crossed.

    7. You've seen each other ugly cry on multiple occasions.


    And you know which ones are just because of wine and periods, and which ones you need to pay attention to.

    8. At some point in the winter you have compared to see who has the longest leg hair.


    And then felt proud if it was you.

    9. You remember a time when talking to any boy was incredibly exciting.

    And it was important to have at least one boy in your Myspace top eight at all times.

    10. But now you reminisce about being able to get on with your life without mansplainers.

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    Simpler times.

    11. When your best friend achieves something you feel genuinely proud of them.


    You were constantly reminded of the glass ceiling growing up, so you know how hard it was for them to get there.

    12. But you're most immature when you're around them.


    What starts as a serious adult discussion often ends in competitions of physical strength.

    13. And you're very competitive about things that don't matter at all.

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    After being constantly compared for years you still really care about who can do the best armpit fart.

    14. There are some girls you haven't seen since you left school, but you text each other every time they post a new Facebook status.


    Because every girls' school has someone who became a glamour model and someone who had three kids before they were 20.

    15. When you were younger you probably had several dramatic fights where you wouldn't talk to each other for multiple days at a time.

    Usually about a misunderstanding over MSN.

    16. But all the stupid drama you had when you were younger means that nowadays your friendship is incredibly stable.

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    Almost boringly so.

    17. Which means you can be brutally honest with each other without worrying that they're going to hate you for it.


    Well they might pretend to hate you for five minutes, but they will see the light.

    18. When you go out together you'll judge each other more for getting a salad than for eating your weight in burger.

    You made friends when your metabolisms were still a thing.

    19. You've been through the gossip wars together, which means you both know how to tell a story and get every last drop of juice out of it.

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    You know about everything that happens in each other's office.

    20. You have enough embarrassing stories on each other for a life time of blackmail.


    You were there at the beginning, when vomit was stained with blue WKD and skinny jeans were still a fashion statement.

    21. And you will never forget any of them.


    Every time you meet their new grown up work colleagues: "Remember that time when..."

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