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21 Things You Just Get If You Met Your Best Friend At An All-Girls' School

You have zero boundaries left.

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1. You could confidently list everyone they snogged during school and how washing-machine each one was.


Including their boyfriend they had for three weeks in year nine that they went to the cinema with once.


14. There are some girls you haven't seen since you left school, but you text each other every time they post a new Facebook status.


Because every girls' school has someone who became a glamour model and someone who had three kids before they were 20.


19. You've been through the gossip wars together, which means you both know how to tell a story and get every last drop of juice out of it.

20. You have enough embarrassing stories on each other for a life time of blackmail.


You were there at the beginning, when vomit was stained with blue WKD and skinny jeans were still a fashion statement.