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    21 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been Best Friends Since You Were 11

    Most of your conversations start with "remember that time when..."

    1. You probably met on your first day in secondary school.

    2. Since then you've had a least one seriously dramatic fight, which at the time you thought was the end of your friendship.

    3. Now that fight seems like an insignificant blip, and you can't actually imagine anything that could break you two up.

    4. You've talked about every romantic encounter you've ever had with them.

    5. At the beginning every single text message and cinema date was a major excitement.

    6. Nowadays you're still super excited to hear about any news, but the best thing is receiving truly disastrous Tinder screenshots.

    7. You've got enough blackmail material on each other to last a life time.

    8. You've seen each other wear some very regrettable outfits.

    9. Nowadays you can be brutally honest and know that it comes from a place of love.

    10. And you can say some actually pretty mean things to each other and know that everything will be fine.

    11. You were definitely part of each other's MySpace top eight at all times.

    12. You are totally comfortable around each other and see no problem with sitting in silence together.

    13. No conversation topic is off limits between for you.

    14. You have definitely been each other's amateur doctors at some point.

    15. Your mum always asks how they are, and you feel totally at home in their parent's house.

    16. They are one of the few people who you can bitch about your family to, because they know them so well.

    17. You've been through so much drama together, and they practically know every detail of your life.

    18. You have so many in-jokes that it's almost impossible for anyone else to understand what you're saying.

    19. You can be super immature around them, and they make you laugh harder than anyone else.

    20. Sometimes you can't believe you've actually been friends for so long.

    21. But now you're sure that you'll be best friends until you're old ladies.