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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been Best Friends Since You Were 11

Most of your conversations start with "remember that time when..."

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2. Since then you've had a least one seriously dramatic fight, which at the time you thought was the end of your friendship.

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Probably when you were about 14. Probably because you accidentally said something bitchy about them to them on MSN.


7. You've got enough blackmail material on each other to last a life time.


There are some embarrassing stories you know you can jokingly bring out with other friends, and there are some that you only bring up when it's just you two.

8. You've seen each other wear some very regrettable outfits.

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T-shirts over shirts and bootcut jeans for as far as the eye can see.


10. And you can say some actually pretty mean things to each other and know that everything will be fine.


If they steal your top without asking you can totally text them telling them they're dead to you, and you know that they won't even raise an eyebrow about it.


17. You've been through so much drama together, and they practically know every detail of your life.


Boy drama, girl drama, family drama, work drama: You have helped each other solve nearly every problem you've ever had.

20. Sometimes you can't believe you've actually been friends for so long.

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Who knew you would actually become real grown-up adults one day?