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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    19 Awkward Moments When You're The Youngest Person In The Office

    "Please tell me more about your children and your mortgage."

    1. Your co-workers use you as a translation service for what the kids today are saying.


    And then they'll try and use it to impress you, but always in slightly the wrong context.

    2. And you're definitely the unofficial IT support.

    Channel 4

    You've showed so many people how to install the emoji keyboard you might as well have a PowerPoint about it ready.

    3. But you have no idea what any of the office jargon means.


    "We'll regroup tomorrow to discuss the project progress, then write a report on how we're climbing the corporate ladder. So shoot me your ideas in the brainstorm, and let's not reinvent the wheel."


    4. It's hard to sound like a functioning adult when your colleagues ask you how your weekend was.


    "I got blind drunk and then binged a whole Netflix series, all without eating a single vegetable" doesn't exactly sound professional.

    5. You have no idea what to say when your co-workers start talking about their kids.


    "Ergh I'm so tired, my little one was up half the night."

    "Um, yeah, I'm tired too, I drank too much and then watched Netflix until 3am."

    6. Before you started work you had no office-appropriate clothing, and the situation hasn't improved much since.

    Fine Brothers Entertainment

    Plus how do people find the time to iron every single day? It's just not possible.

    7. Payday is a much bigger deal for you.


    Even though chances are you'll be taking home the smallest cheque.

    8. You're not as practised when it comes to keeping yourself together at work parties.


    Free alcohol is still a massive novelty, and dancing on desks just seems so fun.

    9. You're much more susceptible to the office crush.


    Sure, they're probably married with kids, but work is so boring and they're all you have to look at all day.

    10. Concentrating for eight hours a day is a real struggle for you.

    Disney Pixar

    Do older people find work less boring, or are they just better at procrastinating on the sly?

    11. You definitely don't have email etiquette down yet.


    You have no idea when to use "yours sincerely" or "yours faithfully" or just "best". And still haven't mastered the difference between the reply and reply all buttons.

    12. People will treat you like the intern even if you're not one.

    Fox 2000 Pictures


    13. You're always trying to impress people, so you end up doing all the odd jobs around the office.


    "Yes, of course I'll be the fire warden, recycling assistant, send the internal newsletter, organise the away day, and dress up as Santa. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

    14. Office gossip is a minefield, and you're never sure who is safe to bitch with and who is a snitch.


    You thought you left this stuff behind at school, but it turns out the adult world is just as bad.

    15. A lot of your friends are probably students or unemployed, which means they don't see the problem with having a big one on a Wednesday.

    You say you'll just stay for one, but it somehow never works out that way.

    16. You find it hard to get excited about the pension plan.

    Paramount Pictures

    You know you should sign up to it, but also planning that far in advance makes you nervous.

    17. But the novelty of free pens has definitely not worn off.

    Universal Pictures

    That's Christmas presents for your grandma sorted for life.

    18. Your co-workers have a habit of patronising you constantly.

    Aardman Animations

    And sometimes you wish you could just take off your baby face.

    19. But then your company dares to employ someone younger than you and you are outraged.

    Warner Brothers

    You are the youngest person in this office, and anyone else is just a child pretending to work here.

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