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22 Moments All Awkward People Who Work In An Office Will Recognise

There needs to be a way of calling back emails sent to the wrong person.

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9. Or worst of all, when you send an email to the wrong person entirely.


You then send a complicated email explaining how although it might seem like you were bitching about your boss, there is actually another really annoying person in your life with exactly the same name.

12. Trying to think of an interesting yet not too interesting answer to "How was your weekend?" every Monday.


You want to find a safe middle ground between "fine, thanks" and "I bumped into Craig from IT in a bar and we had sex."


13. When someone has clearly stolen your food from the communal fridge.


"I don't see how my grandma's homemade brownies, in a clearly labelled Tupperware, could ever have been mistaken for sharing food."

15. When the PowerPoint doesn't work and everyone in the meeting is just sitting there while the IT person tries turning it off and on again.


Until eventually someone resigns themselves to awkwardly pointing at their laptop turned towards the group.


18. Hilarious office pranks that are actually not hilarious.

19. When your desk neighbour is so messy that their stuff starts to spread to your desk territory.

"It's time to take your sombrero collection home, Steve."

"But my wife won't let me have it in the house."


20. When someone doesn't understand how to behave in a communal kitchen.

Literally takes two seconds to put your mug in the dishwasher.