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    11 Art Masterpieces Improved By Mr Bean

    Blackadder also does a decent job of spicing up these old classics.

    1. Artist Rodney Pike has recreated many of art's masterpieces, but with Rowan Atkinson's characters as the subjects.

    2. Here the man in Rembrandt's "Tronie of a Man" is replaced by Blackadder.

    3. Here is Rembrandt's classic, Mr Bean in Military Uniform.

    4. Mr Bean stars in Agnolo Bronzino's masterpiece.

    5. Rembrandt looks a little different in this self portrait.

    6. Blackadder looks positively beautiful in this work by William Adolphe Bouguereau.

    7. Mr Bean subtly takes the role of George Washington, once painted by Gilbert Stuart.

    8. Blackadder doesn't enjoy meditation as much as his predecessor, in this painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau.

    9. Who wears it better, Mr Bean or Mrs Richard Yates? By Gilbert Stuart.

    10. Never saw this series of Blackadder, third adder of Norfolk, captured here by Holbein the Younger.

    11. Mr bean steps in for Sir Thomas More painted by Holbein the Younger.

    More things should be improved by Rowan Atkinson.