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19 Advantages Of Being Brutally Honest All The Time

If they fought wars with truth bombs you'd win them all.

1. People trust you because they know you don't sugarcoat stuff.

Walt Disney

2. They trust you when you tell them the harsh truth.

"Yeah no, you're right; pink doesn't flatter you at all."

3. And when you compliment them.

Paramount Pictures

"I wouldn't worry because you are way more attractive than that new girl he's seeing."

4. It can be useful automatically giving away your true feelings on your face the whole time.


Sometimes people don't even need to ask what you think because it's so damn obvious when you hate something.

5. It saves an awful lot of time just saying what you think.


Having to wrap every truth bomb in cotton wool takes a lot of time, so just drop it like it is.

6. You rarely end up doing stuff you don't want to.


Because if something sounds mega dry you're not afraid of calling it a fun desert.

7. And if you do ending up doing something crap, you can moan about it all day long.

Universal Pictures

Which makes it infinitely more enjoyable for you, but maybe not for everyone who has to listen to you.

8. People tend to be more honest with you too.


9. And you can take it.


You appreciate it when people don't beat around the bush.

10. You know how to accept a compliment.


There's no point being bashful about these things.

11. You can't help being sarcastic when someone is being at all annoying.

Which is useful because it usually shuts them up.

12. You probably come from a blunt family.


You might have had pretty cruel rows with your siblings, but your mum always gave you the best advice.

13. You get shit done.

Carousel Productions (II)

Because you'll always be the first to address the elephant in the room.

"I'll do us all a favour in this meeting and be the first to take a complimentary biscuit."

14. Your awkward moments are short and sharp instead of long and drawn out.


15. If you like someone you can't hide it for long.

Cartoon Network

It's just in your nature to make it blindingly obvious when you have a crush.

16. You're very good at apologising.


Accidentally offending people is an occupational hazard of being brutally honest.

17. You don't let people get away with being a dick.

You're not afraid of awkward situations, so if someone is being an arsehole you'll tell them.

18. Even if that person is a stranger in the street.

Comedy Central

Catcallers and people being rude on the train better watch out, because you're going to be firing some cold hard truth their way.

19. Best of all, you always make friends with the people who just as honest as you.


And together you can finally tell the world how it really is.


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