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    A Fake Town Crier Announced The Arrival Of The Royal Baby And Everyone Was A Bit Confused

    "Who is this bloke in the road?"

    Tony Appleton, a "self appointed" town crier, announced the birth of the Duchess of Cambridge's second child today.

    People seemed quite bemused by his announcement.

    "Who is that bloke in the road?"

    Appleton had pulled the same stunt for the birth of Prince George.

    This guy again. What does he do when a royal infant hasn't just been born?

    It is unclear how the unofficial town crier managed to get to the steps.

    A random bell ringer climbs the Lindo wing steps, announced the #RoyalBaby and it's the most British thing ever

    Appleton asked Kensington Palace for permission, but they didn't seem to care very much.

    I just spoke to Tony Appleton (fake town crier) and he showed me this. Kensington Palace are just like *shrug*


    The crier's official "scroll" wasn't very scroll like.