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A Dad Posted His Son's Lego Design On Imgur And Days Later It Was Bought By A Toy Company

This kid is going to go far.

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The kid's dream came true and four days after the initial post Block Party Bricks LLC, an online retailer of LEGO, offered to buy the rights to Treefrog's son's design.

Treefrog said that he was expecting the post only to get a few upvotes and so promised his son that he would give him 10 cent for every upvote to spend on some new lego.

But the post got more than just a few upvotes...In face it got 23,091 upvotes, which means this Dad owes his kid over $2000.

10% pure crazy money (in kid language this = candy), 50% give away to a needy charity, 20% into his savings account for future education, 20% into future entrepreneurial endeavours (more LEGO, on his dime)