26 Reasons Why Squirrels Have Better Lives Than Humans

Life as a human can be hard. Sometimes I wish I was a squirrel. Here’s why.

1. Squirrels can jump up to 10 feet, that’s practically flying…

2. Sometimes they don’t quite make it though…

3. But who needs pockets when you’ve got cheeks like these?

Useful and adorable.

4. They have an adorable curiosity about the world.

5. When they stand up like a Human they look so cute!

We never look this cute.

6. The fatter they are, the cuter they get!

7. I want to be a fat squirrel.

8. Look at their little arms!

9. They are so fat and happy!!!

10. A bird feeder is to a squirrel, what a roller coaster is to a human.

11. Seriously they love it.

12. Squirrels are very clever, they know when and where to bury nuts to make them last longer.

They also look mega cute when burying their nuts and acorns.

13. Despite being clever enough to know which part of an acorn to remove to make it keep for longer underground, they forget where they bury 80% of their nuts…


But that means TREES! And more trees mean more nuts, so basically squirrels are little farmers.

It is also good for the environment as it means that trees grow farther apart from each other and forests can spread. Squirrels are basically the Eco-warriors of the animal kingdom.

14. Squirrels are sneaky!

They will even pretend to bury nuts to fool their competitors.

15. Squirrels, like humans, love peanut butter. And unlike humans, they can get inside the peanut butter pot!

16. It’s not always easy though…

Via giphy

17. They can water ski, better than most humans.

18. They know when they see an imposter!

19. They are masters at the art of surprise.

20. They can take on animals much, much bigger than them!

21. They face their enemies head on.

22. Squirrels can even outsmart humans.

23. When you’re a squirrel, snow turns into an underground tunnel system.

24. Being a squirrel just looks like a lot of fun.

25. Almost too much fun.

26. If I can’t be a squirrel I want to be friends with one, preferably this one.

27. Bonus: Chipmunk doing handstand.

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