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26 Optical Illusions That Will Make You Think Makeup Is Magic

Who needs Photoshop anymore?

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2. This gory, yet perfectly manicured, disaster.

Instagram: @katiewrigley

5. This one that will make you blink.

Instagram: @sandeeproud

6. And this scene that will make you look twice.

Instagram: @designdain

9. This arm, that will make you wince.

Instagram: @arlenesanjaya

12. This glitch that exists without the matrix.

Instagram: @mimles

15. This perfect smile that's taken overlining to a whole new level.

Instagram: @vilinahujart

17. This piece of art that makes you guess which eye is real.

Instagram: @designdain

18. This still life that's full of motion.

Instagram: @designdain

19. This totally beautiful forehead of makeup.

Instagram: @designdain

20. This magic that will make you think you're seeing double.

Instagram: @designdain

21. This freaky horror that would be the star of any Halloween party.

Instagram: @s_g_makeupartist

22. This one that's got you hooked on the art of illusion makeup.

Instagram: @nsomniaksdream

23. This creepy scene that will make you want to close your eyes.

Instagram: @toxictinacreations

24. This pared down totally natural look.

Instagram: @niquenaturaltm

25. This horror, that's one way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Instagram: @paintedglamour

26. And this living doll that will haunt your nightmares.

Instagram: @avantgarde_mua_studio