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    24 Things You'll Only Understand If You're 24

    You can stop looking for the adult because you are the adult.

    1. You furiously deny being in your "mid twenties" and prefer the term "late-early twenties".

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    2. It freaks you out that you are a proper, real adult now.

    You can't even pretend to be a new adult at 24.

    3. But you still have absolutely no idea what you're doing.

    4. You're the tech support for your whole family.

    5. But there are some things that the "kids" are doing these days that you just don't understand.

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    6. You find it easier to make conversation with a 40 year old than an 18 year old.


    7. You can't get away with having pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner anymore.


    8. And what's even stranger is that you don't even want to.


    Sometimes you actually fancy eating healthy.

    9. You start to actually forget the names of people you went to school with.

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    People you saw everyday for seven years and now you just can't remember if they were a Natalie or a Natasha.

    10. It has reached the tipping point where more of your friends are in a relationship than single.

    Everyone is suddenly a "we".

    11. You don't go on spontaneous nights out anymore.

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    Clubbing just seems like a lot of effort.

    12. Instead you spend your weekend going to civilised birthday parties in reserved areas of nice bars.


    And it's wonderful.

    13. You know how your parents felt when everyone was wearing '80s neon stuff in 2008.


    14. Some of your friends are having real planned babies that aren't dogs.

    15. All the hottest new celebs are significantly younger than you.

    16. And if you got magically discovered on some talent show you wouldn't be impressively young.


    And unless you get your shit together pronto you'd be in "over 25" category.

    17. You really thought you'd have a proper career by now.


    Not like a job, like a plan.

    18. In fact when you were 13 you were pretty sure you'd own a house, be married, and have a seven year old child by this point.

    Twitter: @sheyxliggett

    If you've managed all this please write a self help book.

    19. And it terrifies you to think about what your parents were doing at your age.

    The CW

    20. You're now closer to your 30th birthday than your 18th.


    21. Some of the time you really love being an adult, and feel very ~mature~.


    You can stay in whenever you like, and if you wanted to you could have cake for breakfast.

    22. But most of the time it all feels a bit much.

    23. You know you can still achieve so much in those six little years until you're 30.

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    24. And you've still got tonnes of life ahead of you.


    But still less life than you've ever had before... Yay.

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