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    Posted on Sep 19, 2015

    19 Things That Happen In The Girls' Toilet Of Every Nightclub

    Crying, laughing, vomming, you can see all of life in the girls' loo.

    1. A decent percentage of the socialising for any girls' night out will happen in the toilet.

    2. Because the women's toilet of a nightclub is not just a place to pee, poo and vom, but a place to make friends.

    3. It's also where most of the gossip gets spilled, and the drama decoded.


    4. And where all the judging and bitching will happen.


    "Have you noticed the body language between them tonight, something just isn't right there."

    "And what the hell is she wearing, really?"

    5. Girls accept advice on their love life from other girls they have never met before.

    New Line Cinema

    There is no small talk in the girls' toilet.

    6. Plans of who is going to wing-woman who will be made.

    Warner Brothers

    7. There is usually a girl having an absolute mega-mare drunk cry.


    She'll have a group of supportive friends around her, telling her that "He was a dick and he doesn't deserve you anyway."

    8. And one girl will have the other kind of drunk mare.

    Brownstone Productions

    She'll also be surrounded by a group of friends getting her water and deciding who should call her an Uber.

    9. A lot of selfies will be taken.

    10. And there'll be a lot of hugging.


    Usually between random strangers that have just met.

    11. It's totally normal for strangers to give each other really over the top compliments.


    "OMG where did you get your dress I love it!"

    "Oh this old thing, thank you so much, I think you look amazing though."

    12. There are usually several suspicious puddles on the toilet floor.

    The same piss puddle has been beside the toilet at my work for three days straight #iaintcleaningthatpiss

    13. And several pieces of semi-dirty toilet graffiti.

    14. There will be a lot of make-up reapplying.

    15. Toilet cubicles are like a TARDIS, you can fit an infinite number of women in them at the same time.


    You couldn't possibly stop your important conversation to pee separately, that would be madness.

    Also by drunk logic it always seems like sharing a toilet will save time, when in fact it will probably do exactly the opposite.

    16. A boy will think it's funny to come in and everyone will start screaming.

    17. There will be someone who needs assistance getting out of their clothes in order to pee.

    Jo Estrin / BuzzFeed

    It's usually a complicated playsuit.

    18. If you're lucky you might walk in on a girl fight.

    Paramount Pictures

    It will probably be less of a fight though and more of a moany argument.

    "I just felt really hurt when you said that and I think it's totally unnecessary."

    "Well since you've been so friendly with Megan recently I just didn't think you needed me anymore."


    19. But usually the girls loo is a place of solidarity and encouragement.

    Columbia Pictures Corporation

    "Do you think this dress makes me look weirdly lumpy?"

    *Chorus of denial and "nooooo"s from everyone.*

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