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    18 Penguins Falling Over

    No penguins were seriously harmed in these GIFs. All penguins fell over because they are penguins and they live on a slippery surface that they are surprisingly badly prepared for, it is the natural way.

    1. Penguins fall over a lot, they know right how to pick themselves up again.

    2. In fact they are extraordinarily good at the recovery.

    3. Sometimes it looks almost planned, almost.

    4. Turns out the zoo can be just as slippery as the south pole.

    5. This penguin is getting ready for the Olympics. I don’t think Tom Daley has anything to worry about.

    6. As well as clumsy, penguins can be mean.

    7. It’s a possibility that penguins enjoy watching penguins fall over just as much as humans do.

    8. Sometimes penguins feel like they're stuck in a rut.

    9. Sometimes they fall upwards.

    10. Living your life on ice looks like hard work.

    11. Like really tough somedays.

    12. It makes me grateful for solid ground that is not ice.

    13. Sometimes it looks like life is going so well and then…

    14. Don’t worry everyone will focus on the cool slide and totally forget the bit where you fall flat on your face.

    15. But it’s okay because penguins are there to cushion other penguin's falls.

    16. Sometimes it’s a close call, but they bring it back.

    17. Sometimes there was never any hope.

    18. Doubt think this penguin thought this was ever gonna end well.