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17 Borderline Genius Things Every Drunk British Teen Has Done

Putting your journey juice in a water bottle so no one knew it was Glen's and squash.

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1. Stealing a bit of all your parents' spirits and then topping them up with water so they'd never notice.

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That's until you tried it on the Ouzo they got on holiday in 2003 and realise that Ouzo weirdly curdles with water.


6. Using your GCSE maths to work out which drink was actually the cheapest per unit of alcohol.

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It was usually Frosty Jack's.


11. Memorising your star sign and your Chinese zodiac animal in case the bouncer quizzed you on your fake ID.

Hahaha remember when ya used to memorise your borrowed ID in the taxi to town, star sign the lot

You really thought ahead.


14. Mixing your drinks in water bottles so you could take them on the train without being noticed.

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No one suspected you're very pale bottle of Diet Coke, you were sure of it.

15. Saving your chips you were too drunk to finish for breakfast.

Cold kebab chips for breakfast are what hangovers are made for

So nutritious.

16. Knowing what to put in a dirty pint to make it curdle, and therefore properly disgusting.

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It was always Bailey's or Tia Maria.