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    12 Infographics That Will Convince You We Still Need Feminism

    Not convinced about the need for feminism? think it's easy being a girl? take a look at these bad boys. Because no one can argue with an infographic, not even the internet.

    1. The Pay Gap / Via

    Most people are aware of the pay gap between men and women. In the USA the average women earns 84 cents for every dollar the average man makes. Statistics are the similar all over the world. Most people put this down to women doing most childcare and so take more time off work and do more part time jobs, but this infographic from Australia shows us that's not always the case.

    2. Domestic Violence / Via

    This shocking statistic from the USA shows that domestic violence among women is more common than breast cancer (1 in 8 women) and Alzheimer's (1 in 6 women).

    3. In many countries Domestic violence is even widely accepted.

    4. Seriously, more women were killed in the USA by their partners during the war on terror, than american people because of the war on terror.

    5. A shockingly low number of rape cases go to court. / Via

    This infographic from the UK shows the low number of rape reports and convictions. A survey of UK students, which produced many sickening statistics such as "1 in 7 survey respondents (female students) has experienced a serious physical or sexual assault during their time as a student." The survey also said that most did not report the crime they experienced to the police because "50% said it was because they felt ashamed or embarrassed, and 43% because thought they would be blamed for what happened." (hidden marks survey )

    6. And of those charged with rape even less end up being convicted.

    7. Less than a quarter of the world's countries have had a female head of state.

    Light Pink - acting heads of government or state (any point in modern history)

    Dark Pink - full-term heads of government or state (any point in modern history)

    It's worth mentioning that "post feminist" USA has not had a female head of state while many countries commonly thought of as worse for women's rights have had a female as their leader.

    Only two countries have 50% or more of their seats in government filled by women (Yay for Rwanda and Andorra) and five countries have no women in government. Here's another great infographic for those stats (

    8. Women aren't given their political voice in the media either.

    This shows that men are quoted about politics much more than women across all the big media platforms, including on women's issues.

    9. It's not just in government where women lack power, it's the same in businesses around the world.

    This infographic shows the top 22 countries for women in senior management positions, plus the UK and USA that did not make the top 22.

    10. The USA is seriously falling behind the times with it's lack of paid maternity leave.

    Some states have introduced paid maternity leave in the USA (California, Rhode Island and New Jersey) and some private companies also give paid maternity leave to employers, but that still accounts for only 12% of new mothers. Having a child in the USA will be especially tough for the 40% of families with a female breadwinner.

    11. Owning a vagina is expensive!

    Free tampons would be a good start to evening out the playing field for the genders.

    12. So sod the stereotypes and be a feminist!