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    12 Infographics That Will Convince You We Still Need Feminism

    Not convinced about the need for feminism? think it's easy being a girl? take a look at these bad boys. Because no one can argue with an infographic, not even the internet.

    1. The Pay Gap

    2. Domestic Violence

    3. In many countries Domestic violence is even widely accepted.

    4. Seriously, more women were killed in the USA by their partners during the war on terror, than american people because of the war on terror.

    5. A shockingly low number of rape cases go to court.

    6. And of those charged with rape even less end up being convicted.

    7. Less than a quarter of the world's countries have had a female head of state.

    8. Women aren't given their political voice in the media either.

    9. It's not just in government where women lack power, it's the same in businesses around the world.

    10. The USA is seriously falling behind the times with it's lack of paid maternity leave.

    11. Owning a vagina is expensive!

    12. So sod the stereotypes and be a feminist!