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Top Ten Things Apple Revealed At WWDC

At the annual "Worldwide Developer's Conference" today, Steve Jobs and other Apple executives announced a flurry of new products and upgrades. Here's the top ten, according to Business Insider.

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  • 1. Mac OS X "Lion"

    The new version of Mac OS X will incorporate many more elements from iOS, like touch gestures. It's also only $30, and available through the Mac App Store.

  • 2. More efficient iOS notifications

    Instead of managing multiple pop-up bubbles, notifications will align themselves at the top of the screen.

  • 3. System-wide integration of Twitter

    Each app will now allow you to easily tweet out photos, YouTube videos, and links.

  • 4. Location-aware reminders

    These reminders can be set so that if you go to a specific location you need something from, iOS will notify you so that you don't forget.

  • 5. iMessage

    Like Research in Motion's BBM service, iMessage is an iOS-to-iOS messaging program that avoids text charges and caps.

  • 6. Wireless syncing

    Calling this the "post-PC" era, iOS users will now be able to simply login with their Apple IDs and sync all their devices.

  • 7. Volume button = camera button

    For faster access, the left-side volume buttons can now open up the camera as well.

  • 8. iCloud

    The biggest announcement was "iCloud," which will give every iOS user a free 5GB of storage, and allow you to store documents, photos, music, calendars, contacts, and emails online.

  • 9. Instant-access iTunes purchases

    Now you'll be able to buy a song on iTunes and immediately transfer it to your iOS device.

  • 10. iTunes "scan and match"

    For $25 a year, Apple will scan all your music files--regardless of their source--and convert them so that they can all be accessed through the cloud.