17 Completely Absurd Patron Saints That Actually Exist

These are the kind of saints who we should be invoking on a day-to-day basis. You know, grab a few beers with Saint Bibiana, go on a vacation in the Alps with Bernard of Menthon. These guys are the chillest of the saints, if not somewhat questionable.

1. Saint Apollonia

Patron saint of dentists.

2. Saint Matthew

Patron saint of accountant, tax collectors.

3. Ivo of Kermartin

Patron saint of lawyers.

4. Bernard of Menthon

Patron saint of mountaineers, skiers.

5. Saint Ambrose

Patron saint of beekeepers.

6. Saint Cajetan

Patron saint of gamblers, the unemployed.

7. Saint Columbanus

Patron saint of motorcyclists.

8. Saint Fiacre

Patron saint of taxi drivers, gardeners, STDs.

9. Saint Christopher

Patron saint of bachelors.

10. Saint Genesius (Maritinus)

Patron saint of plumbers, actors, clowns, torture victims.

11. Saint Gummarus

Patron saint of lumberjacks, separated spouses.

12. Honoratus (Honorius) of Amiens

Patron saint of bakers.

13. Saint Lidwina

Patron saint of ice skaters.

14. Saint Drogo

Patron saint of coffee shop owners.

15. Saint Malo

Patron saint of pigkeepers.

16. Saint Bibiana

Patron saint of hangovers.

17. Saint Roch

Patron saint of second-hand dealers, gravediggers.


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