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    The 10 Oldest Buildings In The World

    Modern technology has increased exponentially over the years, but I still have some doubts that today's Wal-Marts could stand as long as these gems of the ancient world. Unless, of course, you consider Supercenters America's version of the Great Pyramids.

    10. The King's Grave, Sweden


    Constructed during the Nordic Bronze Age, this is an "unusually grand" double burial tomb from about 3,000 years ago.

    9. Naveta des Tudons, Spain


    Built 3,200 years ago and discovered in 1975, this tomb contains at least one hundred men and their prized possessions, like bronze bracelets and ceramic buttons.

    8. Treasury of Atreus, Greece


    This tomb was constructed during the Bronze Age, over 3,250 years ago. For over a thousand years it contained the tallest and widest dome in the world, until the completion of the Pantheon.

    7. Caral, Peru


    A large ancient settlement in Peru, currently the oldest known city in the Americas, constructed in over 4,600 years ago.

    6. Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt


    Built to contain Pharaoh Djoser after his death almost 4,700 years ago, the complex is the oldest stone-cut construction in the world.

    5. Hulbjerg Jættestue, Denmark


    Built 5,000 years ago, when this burial was discovered, there were forty individuals inside, one of which showed some of the earliest examples of dentistry work.

    4. Newgrange, Ireland


    A prehistoric monument and the oldest building in Ireland, built circa 5,100 years ago.

    3. Monte d'Accoddi, Italy


    Built somewhere in-between 5,200-4,800 years ago, this remarkably preserved building was either a temple or an altar.

    2. Knap of Howar, Scotland


    Originally part of a farmstead, this is the oldest stone house in Europe, standing since 3,500-3,100BC, or up to 5,500 years ago.

    1. Megalithic Temples of Malta


    These free-standing structures were all used as religious temples, and are the oldest of their kind in the world, constructed between 3,500-2,500BC, also over 5,500 years ago.

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