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    23 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Humanity

    Humans have done quite a few strange things over the years, but many not quite as unexpected as these. Find out why Julius Caesar wore a wreath on his head, what great gift Queen Victoria received on her birthday, Paul Revere's occupation, what kind of harems they have in Malaya, and much more.

    1. Charles Sherwood Stratton was born 4 January 1838, and his growth virtually stopped at six months, reaching only one meter at adulthood. He was picked up by P.T. Barnum and became a huge circus success as "General Tom Thumb."

    2. No-one knows Albert Einstein's last words, because his attendant nurse did not speak German.

    3. Women in the Tiwi tribe of Northern Australia are married at birth.

    4. Jeweler Otto Rohwedder patented the bread slicer in 1928. It had taken him sixteen years to perfect sliced bread.

    5. Ivan the Terrible claimed that he had "deflowered thousands of virgins and butchered a similar number of resulting offspring."

    6. The active ingredient in Chinese delicacy, bird's nest soup, is saliva.

    7. English Parliament abolished Christmas in 1647.

    8. During World War I, a South African monkey was promoted to corporal.

    9. "Abracadabra" was originally used to cure those afflicted with hay fever.

    10. In the 1970s, the Rhode Island Legislature debated enacting a $2 tax on every "act of sexual intercourse" in the state.

    11. One of Queen Victoria's wedding gifts was a half-ton, three-meter in diameter block of cheese.

    12. If your name is Mary, you can't be a prostitute in Siena, Italy.

    13. Julius Caesar wore his signature laurel wreath in order to cover up his oncoming baldness.

    14. Peter the Great had his wife's lover's head cut off, then had it preserved in alcohol and placed next to her bed.

    15. Sir Winston Churchill "rationed" himself fifteen cigars a day.

    16. In some parts of Malaya, women keep harems of men.

    17. During and between the two World Wars, France was controlled by forty different governments.

    18. David Atchison was President of the United States for one day in 1849. He spent most of it sleeping.

    19. Paul Revere was a dentist.

    20. There are 240 dots in Pac-Man.

    21. Urination was once used as a way of washing clothes.

    22. George Washington grew marijuana in his Mount Vernon garden.

    23. In Russia, it's a criminal offense to drive around in a dirty car.