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    10 Of The Largest Sinkholes In The World

    Inspired by the forty feet deep sinkhole that opened up underneath a Guatemalan woman's bed yesterday, check out ten of the biggest and most devastating sinkholes of the past thirty years. These cannot be unseen.

    • 1. Qattara Depression, West of Cairo, Egypt

      Qattara Depression , West of Cairo, Egypt

      The largest natural sinkhole in the world, measuring 50 miles long by 75 miles wide.

    • 2. Berezniki, Russia

      Berezniki , Russia

      The Berezniki sinkhole first appeared in 1986 and grows every year. Currently, it's more than 200m (650ft) deep, 80m (260ft) long, and 40m (130ft) wide.

    • 3. Guatemala City (2007)

      Guatemala City (2007)

      100m (330ft) deep.

    • 4. Guatemala City (2010)

      Guatemala City (2010)

      18m (60ft) wide, 60m (200ft) deep.

    • 5. Texas Devil's Sinkhole

      Texas Devil's Sinkhole

      400ft deep, 40ft by 60ft opening.

    • 6. Sarisarinama Sinkholes, Venezuela

      Sarisarinama Sinkholes , Venezuela

      There's several, individual sinkholes, each over 350m (1148ft) in diameter and 350m deep.

    • 7. Bimmah, Oman

      Bimmah , Oman

      This large sinkhole is now a swimming destination.

    • 8. Agrico Gypsum Stack, Florida

      Agrico Gypsum Stack , Florida

      This 15-story deep sinkhole appeared under 80 million tons of gypsum stack toxic waste and caused several million dollars in cleanup costs.

    • 9. Macungie Sinkhole, Pennsylvania

      Macungie Sinkhole , Pennsylvania

      75ft wide by 35ft deep, emerged in a suburban neighborhood with aging water pipelines.

    • 10. Daisetta Sinkhole, Texas

      Daisetta Sinkhole , Texas

      600ft wide by 200ft deep, also in a suburban neighborhood.