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  • 7 Things You Said You Would Do Over Summer (And Probably Never Did)

    Lets face it, lots of us are either at the end of our “Summer” already, or have a dwindling number of days left. It’s now the time that we remember what our past selves planned to do with their vast amounts of free time away from studying. We remember the many things that we claimed we were going to do to “make the most of the summer”. And yet here I am writing about the many things I haven’t achieved in these past few weeks.

  • A Quick Guide To A Productive Summer Day

    Ah, summer. Days stretching ahead and no responsibilities. No studies and no classes. So what do you do? Well common sense would say absolutely nothing. Although even that could become dull. So maybe with your final few days of summer, you could try being productive…? Here is a short guide.

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