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    Here Are All The Best Brexit Memes You Need Today

    Straight Outta Europe.

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    So Britain has voted to leave the EU.

    Of course, not everyone is depressed today. Leave voters are having a great time.

    Instagram / mediabodyguard

    But some people still have faith that it might just all be one big misunderstanding.

    Hoping this guy will pop up on the news any minute now #EURefResults

    But it's true.

    we're all thinking it #EURefResults

    And some people are really sad about it.

    And scared for the pound.

    People have been tweeting live scenes from the Channel Tunnel.

    Live scenes from the Channel tunnel.

    And others are trying to suss out who voted what on their morning commute.

    On the tube like WAS IT YOU!!? πŸ€” #EUref #Brexit

    And parts of the country that voted to remain now want to join forces.

    I've quickly designed a logo for our new country: #ScotLond

    And some are mad AF.

    While others are just annoyed at all the old people who went to vote.

    letting 65+ year olds vote for the future of this country... Coz they're gonna be alive for it right

    When you voted to leave the EU but you gunna die soon so it's not your problem

    But some people think that other countries will follow suit and leave Germany behind.

    Germany in the EU once all referendums are completed

    Many are concerned about the impact this will have on their everyday lives.

    Anyone else already feeling the effects of leaving the EU? #bbcreferendum

    Can already start to feel the effects of the pound dropping #bbcreferendum

    And so is David Cameron...

    when you start beef and the mandem don't back it

    But it looks like there's already a suitable candidate ready to take his job.

    Retweet for #StormzyForPM Make Britain Great Again.

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