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    Updated on Mar 20, 2019. Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    15 Period Horror Stories That’ll Make You Laugh And Then Cry

    "I broke both my arms in a bike accident and started my period a week after."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their period horror stories. Here are the results.

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    1. "I went to bed with a tampon in and I woke up and it was gone. I still, to this day, don’t know where it went. I have a feeling I sleepwalked and pulled it out while I was sleeping." – Submitted by 80398140

    2. "I share a small office with one other person. Last month I had been sitting at my desk for a while then had to get up. I took two steps and totally period-queefed because it was so heavy. I died." – Submitted by TroubleC

    3. "On my first date with my boyfriend, I decided to wear a really sexy mini dress and go commando. Things were going really well, and we were both a little tipsy when he leaned in over the table to whisper in my ear, 'There’s blood trickling down your thigh'. Still makes me squirm to think about it." – Submitted by Bijli

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    4. "I broke both my arms in a bike accident and started my period a week after. I couldn’t even scratch my own nose, much less use a pad or tampon. My biggest fear occurred: My boyfriend (whom I live with) had to remove and insert my tampons. Needless to say he was a trooper and we are still together." – Submitted by Mvdailey0213

    5. "I was having a heavy period. So in the shower, I pass a large clot, like golf-ball-size clot. I panicked and removed the shower drain cover and watched it go down the drain. Placed the cover back and forgot it. A few days later…I decided to get a bath. The shower drain cover came off while I was in the bath and guess what? The clot came back up in the bath water! I have never, ever been so disgusted in all my life." – Submitted by danahodges

    6. "I got my first period when I was 13, and at the time I was doing a lot of extras work on movies and TV shows. The day Aunt Flow decided to visit for the first time I was on the set for the Hannah Montana movie. I was so excited. I thought my rumbling tummy must’ve just been nerves, so I ignored it. I remember at one point thinking I must have just really, really needed to poo, but I knew I had to hold it. (You don’t get a lot of bathroom breaks once you're on set.) The cramps got so intense I thought I was going to poop myself, but when I finally made it to the port-a-potty I realized I had blood all over the crotch of my pants. Obviously mortified, I went out to my mom crying and we left right away. I will never forget that the first time I menstruated through my clothes I was in a scene with Miley Cyrus." – Submitted by courtneyt411cbf1f3

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    7. "When I was younger my cramps were so bad that I would throw up from the pain. One time all my friends and I were getting ready to go out of town to see a show and I realized I was getting cramps. I didn't have anything to take except a pot brownie, and for some reason I thought that would help with the pain. It didn't. So instead of going with everyone for a fun night, I went home and barely made it to the bathroom, where I had to decide which would get the toilet first, diarrhea or vomit. I chose to vomit and throw out the bathroom rug. Both ends had exploded at once. Then I spent hours half-tripping, with painful, disgusting cramps." – Submitted by Emily Waterpony, Facebook

    8. "One word: appendectomy. I went in to hospital for side pain and it ended up being my appendix. Worst part was, to figure it out, they needed to rule out other things, like an ovarian cyst, which they rule out by sticking a camera up your on your period it was the worst. Then having to wear horrible fake hospital versions of pads and not being allowed to go to the bathroom, so you soak through your tampon. Literally the worst day of my life so far. The pain meds were nice though. Took away the cramps." – Submitted by Kari Cook, Facebook

    9. "I was riding my horse when my period not only decided to arrive, it arrived with a vengeance. Not only did it leak through my breeches, it leaked all over my saddle!! I looked down and was horrified. Worst of all, I had to walk back into the barn and untack my horse (which isn’t the quickest thing in the world to do) in front of people with blood all over my ass and saddle. It was a soggy mess." – Submitted by piperw4aebe64c1

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    10. "I was about 14 when this happened. My periods were serious hell the first year. I remember waking up one night and feeling extreme pain in my stomach, really dizzy and nauseous. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, found out I got my period. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sit up straight. I remember falling off the toilet on the ground. Our bathroom floor is made out of marble, so it’s really cold. The coldness was great against the extreme pain I had in my lower stomach. So guess what? I literally passed out on the floor, pants down my knees and a puddle of blood on the ground. My mom found me the next morning and was really terrified. She woke me up vigorously because she thought I died." – Submitted by Tesselbevan

    11. "When I was younger my periods would come and go as they pleased with no prior warning. One day my boyfriend at the time was going down on me, and he popped his head up looking so proud of himself and went to kiss me when I realised that I had started my period all over his face. My blood was everywhere, like something out of the zombie apocalypse. When I pointed it out he proceeded to gag and then throw up. Thanks, Mother Nature." – Submitted by charmilner1

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    12. "Right, so I work in a small shop that doesn’t have a sanitary woman bin thing that all female toilets should have. So when I was in work I was on day two, which is the day with the heaviest flow and just makes me so emotional and depressed. I went to the only toilet in the shop which DOESN’T FLUSH PROPERLY, and began to change my pad, which was genuinely drenched. The toilet paper I put in the toilet after wiping all my blood off my vagina never flushed, so I had to FISH IT OUT WITH MY HAND and keep it in my bag in the cloakroom for the rest of my six-hour shift along with my dirty pad." – Submitted by olas4631fa694

    13. "One month I was having an especially bad period and I went to the bathroom at Starbucks, and when I pulled my tampon out it literally came out with such force and suction that I somehow accidentally slung a huge blood clot on the wall! I did my best to clean everything, but I’ve never looked at bathrooms the same since…too much can happen. Also I’m very sorry, Starbucks." – Submitted by caitlynm4937f7b9a

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    14. "I’m a competitive gymnast, so one day I was about 13 years old and I had a gymnastics competition. I had only had my period about three times before, so I had never used a tampon up until today. I apparently didn’t have it all the way in, so as I was in the middle of a bar routine, I felt my tampon I guess slide out into the bottom of my leo. I went to do my dismount and as I landed my bloody tampon landed right beside me and left a streak of blood down my leg." – Submitted by jsb2

    15. "My period started while I was cage diving with great white sharks." – Submitted by meghang44f1a00d1

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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