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People Want To Know Why Gabourey Sidibe's Name Is Not On The Grimsby Poster

Gabourey Sidibe appears on film's poster but is the only starring actor not named.

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Ever since the poster for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy Grimsby was revealed in January, people have been wondering why starring actress Gabourey Sidibe is not listed on the poster.

#ICYMI - Here's the brand new poster for #GrimsbyMovie starring Sacha Baron Cohen, @RebelWilson & @GabbySidibe!

The 32-year-old actress received an Academy Award nomination for her role in 2009 film Precious.

Gabourey Sidibe attends the World premiere of "Grimsby" at Odeon Leicester Square in London.
Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

Gabourey Sidibe attends the World premiere of "Grimsby" at Odeon Leicester Square in London.

All the film's other starring actors - Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Penélope Cruz, and Isla Fisher are mentioned, but there is no sign of Sidibe's name, despite her featuring on the poster.

I don't understand this poster. Isn't that Oscar nominated Gabourey Sidibe? Why use her body but not list her name?

During an interview with FlavourMag Sidibe said that it was "nowhere near my decision" and that she had nothing to do with the design of the poster. "That's definitely is a question for Sony," she added.

FLAVOURMAG / YouTube / Via

Zehra Phelan, who interviewed Sidibe, told BuzzFeed News that "it was obvious she wasn't happy at the fact her name had been left off".

"She obviously couldn't ruffle any feathers at Sony," she said.

However, Phelan said that it's "refreshing to see plus sized woman and a black woman being used to advertise the film".

"It's just one small step in the right direction that woman of all sizes and colours habitat this world and they should be celebrated," she added.

Many people shared Sidibe's confusion, and have taken to Twitter to question why her name was left off the poster.

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks leaving Gabourey Sidibe's name off a poster THAT SHE IS ON is wrong. #Grimsby

Why is Oscar nominated amazing actress @GabbySidibe not billed on #grimsby on poster? She's in the pic and half the others aren't WTF!??

Some implied that it was sexist to leave her name off the poster.

poster for Grimsby film leaves off Gabourey Sidibe's name despite her being IN the poster @EverydaySexism

Others believed that it was an example of everyday racism.

So they use @GabbySidibe in the #Grimsby poster but don't feel the need to put her name on it..#everydayracism

Imagine being Gabourey Sidibe, one of the only PoC in Grimsby -- you're on the poster but you ain't getting named...

Sony declined to comment.

Fiona Rutherford is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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