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    Azealia Banks Had Her London Gig Cancelled After Calling UK Rap "A Disgrace"

    A spokesperson for the Rinse: Born & Bred festival told BuzzFeed News it has removed the outspoken US rapper from its lineup next month.

    Azealia Banks has had her set at London's Born & Bred festival cancelled after she posted a series of tweets calling UK rap "a disgrace" and saying British rappers "never have swag".

    Banks was set to headline the event at Haggerston Park, east London, on Sunday 5 June, but a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News she had been removed from the lineup.

    In a statement released on Twitter, Rinse: Born & Bred organisers said they "celebrate inclusivity and equality".

    The announcement came shortly after people on social media called for Banks' set to be cancelled, including BBC Radio 1Xtra hosts Jamz Supernova and DJ Target.

    Cant stress enough that @bornandbredLDN need 2 cancel @AZEALIABANKS nasty piece of work!!

    @AZEALIABANKS trying to diss Uk rappers and grime. She gon' Learn today 😀

    Grime artist DJ Logan Sama said he would boycott the festival if she was allowed to perform.

    If she is playing Born And Bred festival, I'm boycotting it. @rinsefm

    Banks also threatened to exercise her Second Amendment rights under the US constitution – the right to bear arms – after fans warned the rapper to stay out the UK.

    Girl, I have armed security ! I'm an American girl! I exercise my 2nd amendment rights EVERYWHERE I go !! 😇

    Which led British singer Lily Allen to question why the police hadn't got involved.

    Why do the Police shut down @Giggs or @nines1ace raves but @AZEALIABANKS is cool to just come here threatening to bring arms ?don't get it

    But some just took the piss out of her comments, like one person who compared her music sales to Mr Blobby's.

    Is Azealia Banks seriously trying to criticise British music? Shall we compare her sales figures to Mr Blobby's?

    And another who sent her a pic of the legendary British rap group Blazin' Squad.

    @AZEALIABANKS dunno what you're talking about?

    But others were waiting for UK rappers to respond...

    Chip when Azealia said UK rappers can't rap

    ...while some believed her offensive outburst was a way to promote her self-released new single "The Big Bad Beat".

    When you can't think of a positive way to promote your new single so you just send for #UKRap hoping for a reaction 🤔🙄 #AzealiaBanks

    I guess British fans won't be able to see her perform her new single in London next month. Oh well.

    When Azealia Banks tries to get into the UK.

    Banks' attack on UK rappers came after she accused Zayn Malik of copying her “Yung Rapunxel” music video in his new release “Like I Would”.