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A Man Has Formed A Hilariously Odd Relationship With A Grime Artist

You the man, JME.

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It all started in 2010 when a guy named Matthew wrote a GCSE essay about grime music. When Matthew received his GCSE result for the essay, he decided to tweet grime artist JME with his results.

"I just thought it was funny because I got an A from writing about grime," Matthew told BuzzFeed. "Didn't really expect him to respond".

But then he did.

Matthew and JME have never met in person, but when Matthew and his friends were playing on Xbox Live, they ended up playing against JME, Shorty, and their friends.

Tristan Fewings / Via Getty Images

"Xbox kind of has voice we all just used to chat while playing from our own homes. Since then we all added each other on Xbox, followed one another on Twitter (except JME who doesn't follow people back), and I still tweet him from time to time now."

Two years after his GCSEs, Matthew decided it would be funny to reply to the same tweet with his A-level results.

@JmeBBK yo i passed my a levels now too

And JME, being the kind, supportive soul that he is, replied AGAIN.

@Mattheveli well done brother

Matthew told BuzzFeed: "A couple of weeks after graduating I thought, This will be hilarious if I find that convo from years ago and reply now. So I did."

@JmeBBK yeah, I graduated from uni now too. This thread is complete. I'll let you know when my first child is born or something.

And, you guessed it, JME (the fairy godfather of grime) replied again.

@Mattheveli Well done brother man!

People on Twitter found it hilarious.

@_MasterJdon @Mattheveli @JmeBBK absolutely amazing thread 😂

@BigK_OTF @Mattheveli @JmeBBK mate im crying

@Mattheveli @BigK_OTF @JmeBBK looooooooooooooooool omg

"It was just banter about tweeting him when my first child is born," Matthew said. "I'm not into the whole kids-and-marriage charade as it stands."

"I guess if I ever achieve something notable again I will continue the convo. Maybe when I make my first million."

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