Amazon Prime's "Master" Has Generated Lots Of Chatter On Racism In Elite Colleges

    Is Master the new Get Out?

    After tickling us consistently with her goofy characters in the Scary Movie franchise, Regina Hall is back with a serious, multi-layered horror film. Master, Amazon Prime's latest, not only spooks us with supernatural and psychological scares, but also the horrors of racism prevalent in our society.

    Regina Halls sits on a sofa in her new home

    They are: Gail Bishop (Regina Hall), the first Black master of one of the residential houses of the college; Jasmine Moore (Zoe Renee), a freshman; and Liv Beckman (Amber Gray), a professor who is seeking tenure.

    Amber Gray looks at someone

    Let's see what viewers are saying about this horror social commentary:

    1. Master is the director's first feature and it seems to be quite a success.

    Mariama Diallo’s MASTER remains among the best 2022 films so far. Smart, enthralling horror film mining supernatural shocks from inherent horrors. Regina Hall is immaculate. Really hope people seek this out (currently streaming on Prime)

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    2. The real horror doesn't lie in some dark corner or a creepy room with a creaking door. It lies out in the open, in front of everyone.

    I’m watching #Master and even tho’ Regina Hall is experiencing some scary shit, the scariest part of the movie so far is seeing this Black girl at a predominantly white college, they’re invading her personal space, screaming “Nigga” during songs, I would have gotten expelled.

    Twitter: @DiTarrieLaRons

    3. Good to see that the people are noticing the subliminal themes.

    Everything about Master on Amazon Prime was disturbing, deep, and symbolic and just absolutely nuts. Regina Hall did her thing. An insane movie

    Twitter: @Nakeesaxox

    4. Unsurprisingly, some are feeling confused as the movie leaves some questions unanswered.

    Me after finishing #Master on Amazon Prime…

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @shaebutter76

    5. Ella Hunt does a good job in the film.

    Ella Hunt as Cressida in Master. 😍 Watch it NOW on Amazon Prime.

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @ho_cake

    6. Some were hoping for a good old witch haunting movie (probably like Fear Street trilogy).

    I wished the movie “Master” on Amazon Prime would’ve focused more on the damn Witch storyline…

    Via Twitter: @_urbalicious_

    7. The movie seems to have got the real life situation quite correctly.

    I know this movie was confusing to some, but as a black person who attended a primarily white university, I can say this is accurate. And after I left, I realized nothing was going to change, and it hasn't. #master amazon

    AMAZON STUDIOS / Album / Alamy / Via Twitter: @_urbalicious_

    8. This is something which almost all the viewers, despite their different opinions about the movie, agree upon.

    So many racist microaggresion in the first 20 minutes watching this movie #Master #ReginaKing on Amazon Prime has got me so what triggered. I'm trying my hardest not talk to the T.V but I keep having really long sighs/with some cussing under my breath, Oh and Alot of eye rolling

    Twitter: @Loveisall82

    9. Several viewers felt like the premise resonated.

    Master on Amazon prime is exactly how I felt in private school. The vibe is Dark, sinister, unnerving

    Twitter: @node_ks

    10. For some, Regina Hall was the prime attraction of the film.

    I love Regina Hall. That’s all I have to say about Master on Amazon Prime.

    Twitter: @ho_cake

    11. Regina Hall has certainly proved that she can handle serious horror movies quite well.

    I just watched #Master on Prime Video. Regina Hall is brilliant in this well crafted movie. Let's get her some more roles as the lead character. Acting chops on display.

    Dimension Films / Via Twitter: @groundeddude

    12. Oh no!

    Me watching this #Master movie on Amazon Prime seeing Regina Hall walk towards danger 🤣

    Dimension Films / Via Twitter: @g_is_aimless

    13. Seriously, many of us would quit.

    Regina Hall being this committed to not leaving this damn school is WILD TO ME. 🤣 no ma’am. I quit. #master

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Inquired_Mind

    14. Zoe Renee's character deserved a better ending.

    Jasmine too damn nice n understanding for me. #master #amazonprime

    Via Twitter: @iAmbitiousQueen

    15. Even the very people who can relate with what Jasmine is facing, let her down.

    So not only were the white ppl fucked up, but the Black admin failed Jasmine too #Master

    Via Twitter: @zoranealehurtin

    16. There's at least one person who can empathize with Jasmine.

    I'm watching Master on amazon and several of the reviews say white people won't be able to understand it. Maybe, but I understand how shitty teenage girls are and how incredibly shitty roommates can be. I'm already getting pissed off for Jasmine.

    Twitter: @MCFS581

    17. Some people felt that the movie had a defeatist message.

    Yeah wasn’t a fan of #Master on Amazon Prime. It was written well and the cinematography was great. But it felt like the end message was to just give up. And we never found out if that hoe was white or not ?????

    Twitter: @georknee_

    18. Not everyone loved the ending.

    While I appreciated the movie #Master on Amazon Prime w/ the amazing Regina Hall & Amber Gray (Hadestown!), I have one gripe: the character Jazmine and the ending. Let’s give Blk students in elite places some credit. Despite the isolation & obstacles, they’re amazingly resilient!

    Twitter: @RodneySanders34

    19. And some viewers were totally mad at the movie and the bleak fate of its characters.

    Yeah that Master movie on amazon pissed me all the way the fuck off. The microaggressions, how the had the main characters story end, how the movie ended all together.... #mastermovie #masterfilm #masteronamazon

    Twitter: @kaseskamille