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    25 Things Reviewers Had So Much Fun Using Outside With Their Kids

    You are never too old for playtime.

    1. A toy lawn mower because it blows bubbles, makes real mowing sounds, and aids as a walker for little ones who still need a little assistance. And when you are mowing the lawn, your little helper can assist.

    a reviewer photo of a kid playing with the lawn mower and bubbles coming out

    2. A Nerf dino dart blaster because having a Nerf gun war is a solid playtime staple of childhood, and every kiddo deserves to have one. This particular triceratops blaster will be your dino-loving child's fave new toy.

    reviewer photo of the nerf gun

    3. A trampoline that comes with a basketball hoop?! You'll shoot and score by buying this for your rambunctious littles. Not to worry, though — its netting, padded poles, and covered springs will keep your children safe while jumping out all that energy.

    Kids on trampoline

    4. An LED light-up flying disc so when the sun goes down, it doesn't mean playtime is over. Watch the disc light up the summer sky as you toss it around with family and friends.

    reviewer image of the disc lit up blue

    5. A rocket launcher you can use to keep the youngins entertained for hours. It soars up to 100 feet, and kids need only to stomp or jump on the rocket launcher to shoot the foam projectile into the sky. Use it during a get-together (like the reviewer below) and keep the kids occupied as they take turns blasting off. 🚀

    Kid launching rocket outsode

    6. A swing set with a slide so you can bring the park to your own backyard. Enjoy some family bonding while watching the whole gang swing *and* slide the day away.

    Kids playing on swing set on the grass

    7. A Franklin Tee-ball set for your little slugger to take a swing this season. This grow-with-me set has a two-step program to teach your child to keep their eye on the ball and encourage fun exercise. Batterrrrrrr up! ⚾️💨

    reviewer image of a child with a parent using the t-ball set

    8. Or an NHL hockey set if your kiddo is ready to win a Stanley Cup. The set includes goal nets, hockey sticks, and hockey balls. The adjustable hockey sticks will grow with your children so this will last for years to come. The nets can also be used for soccer goals, so it's really a 2-in-1.

    Hockey set in living room

    9. A kids' faux bow and arrow so they can get active outside with some archery. The six arrows can shoot up to 120 feet but have foam tips to provide safety.

    10. A ride-on-car rollercoaster that the kids will for sure fall in love with, but honestly, you might, too. They simply climb the steps, board the car, and roll down the track. Expect smiles from ear to ear. Hot tip: This would be the perfect toy to keep the kids busy during your 4th of July BBQ. 🎢

    a reviewer photo of the car and roller coaster set up inside

    11. A four-pack of reusable water balloons for the perfect outdoor activity on a hot day. Water balloons leave such a mess with all the tiny pieces to clean up after the fun is over, but not with these reusable guys! You can even try using them in the pool or during bath time as well.

    Hand holding water balloon

    12. A bubble wand set that comes with multiple wands so the family can all play together. Each wand is different so everyone can create a range of bubbles — or the adults can wield the wands while the kids try to catch or pop the bubbles. 🫧

    Package of bubble set

    13. A Twister Splash for a spin on your classic game of Twister. An entertaining game to not only play but watch as well. If the kids aren't ready for a game of Twister yet, they can use it as a fun water activity to run through on warm days as well.

    Kid using spinner for Twister game

    14. A retro toss-and-catch game to teach hand-eye coordination with easy-to-catch Velcro balls and paddles. They are waterproof, too, so you can use them in your pool or take them to the beach or lake.

    Kids outside with toss and catch set

    15. A set of jumbo sidewalk chalk so you and the family can get creative on an oversized canvas. The kids can draw *and* color — *or* play fun games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, and hopscotch.

    16. A scavenger hunt game that gives clues like "Something that is heavier than a leaf? Something round?” so the whole family can be on the hunt for what fits those clues. Whoever finds the item keeps the clue, and the first person to seven clues wins the game! It's the perfect activity for camping trips, too!

    Family playing game outside

    17. A cottage playhouse with working shutters and door so your little one can play house. Invite your child's friends over for a playdate and watch them socialize and use their imagination playing house.

    Child inside playhouse

    18. An activity table complete with a picnic table top that you can remove to reveal two activity bins. These can be filled with sand, water, or toys — and the umbrella will keep your kiddos shaded from the sun during the day and provide ambiance while they enjoy a delightful evening dinner al fresco.

    Two kids sitting at table

    19. A sandbox with benches and a canopy for some classic (and well-shaded) outdoor playtime. Add some sand toys and shovels for extra fun and help your child build a sandcastle (you can even sit on the benches so you can play sans achy back).

    a reviewer photo of the sandbox setup in a backyard

    20. A game of Yard Pong that is fun for the whole family while being compact and easy to bring along wherever you are headed during your summer vacation. Take it on camping trips, like the review below did.

    Yard bong set

    21. A gardening play set so your child can assist (or at least pretend to assist) you in the yard. Your budding kiddo will love being able to help you plant flowers or grow veggies.

    a reviewer photo of the gardening set

    22. A glow-in-the-dark capture the flag for a fun game for older kids (and adults, too) to play at night. Grab the kids and head outside on a warm summer evening — and like the reviewer said, they will be begging you to buy another set so they can invite even more family and friends to play.

    glow in the dark cubes
    glowing wristbands on people playing the game

    This set includes 10 premium team bracelets (five red and five blue), three amber color territory markers, two flag cubes, two jail markers, and one premium storage bucket.

    Promising review: "I bought this for our kids to enjoy with their friends...well, we adults have had a blast playing with them. The kids love it! The adults love it! This adds another layer of fun to the old-fashioned favorite! My kids are begging me to buy another set so they can have all their friends over for a massive neighborhood game of capture the flag." —MMcB

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    23. An epic shark water slide that's 15 feet of fun. Slide down the mouth of the shark on the inflatable boogie boards and enjoy a surf's up activity for the whole family.

    Promising review: "Y'ALL... This thing is the bomb! I have three wild children who jump and bounce on anything inflated, and this thing has lasted MONTHS. It was super easy to blow up and assemble (recommend having a pump). The kids LOVE it. We play on it, if not every day, every other day. My kids play on it for hours. Once it's blown up, you just have to hook up the hose, and it's ready to go. This thing is crazy durable. I'm sure it'll pop eventually, but it's going strong! Initially, I was a little taken aback by the price, but now that we've gotten so much use out of it, it's well worth the money. Cannot recommend enough!"—EMH

    Get it from Amazon for $95.99.

    24. A water-resistant Uno Splash card game to play outdoors, at the beach, by the pool, or in any location where there is ~splishing~ and ~splashing~ going on. Just because you bought this game for the family doesn't mean you are safe from a draw four card.

    25. An inflatable pool that's not just a kiddie pool but big enough for the whole fam. Grab a lil' donut and float while you soak up the sun and the kids play the day away. Maybe even play an exciting game of Marco Polo.

    Two kids playing in the pool

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