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16 Struggles Admin Know All Too Well

The Struggle Is Real Y'all!

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In honor of #NationalAdminDay here are 16 things you should probably just stop doing immediately (or at least for today).

1. This. This right here.


"It happens far too often, but I always cringe when someone finishes the toilet paper*, grabs a new roll, and then leaves it sitting on top of/next to the holder."

Oof. So close.

(*same feeling for paper towels)


5. Scheduling = The. Bane. Of. Your. Existence.

Assembly Film and Television / Via

"My boss told me about this very important meeting we needed to schedule, that trumped everything. The next day he asked me, "why do I have this meeting scheduled during this time, you need to do a better job managing my calendar!" I had to remind him that we literally just talked about how important this was and to make it happen" Then he said all nonchalant, "Oh, yeah."


6. Error: 0x000loadthedangprinter035

Davincipop / Via

"The color printer ran out of paper as an employee's print job was going. Instead of opening the drawer immediately below color printer marked PRINTER PAPER, the employee opens the adjacent black & white printer, removes all paper from the tray to fill color printer tray then walks away leaving black & white printer drawer hanging open and empty. My mouth fell to the floor and I was speechless at what I had just witnessed."

*Picks jaw up off the floor*

7. Dairy Godmother.

DreamWorks/Apatow Productions / Via

"I was pinged by a coworker to tell me that they thought the milk in the fridge had gone bad. Ok - fair enough - but they just put that same milk back in the fridge. Then proceeded to ping me again to ask me to go to the fridge, pour out the milk, and recycle the container."



8. Two words: Expense. Reports.

Expensify / Via

"I have to remind my exec to give me receipts for expense reports which are supposed to be done weekly. Instead he gives me 6-8 months worth of receipts at a time all crinkled, curled, and faded. Then asks me 30 minutes later if I'm done."

[insert major side eye]

9. Phones are hard.

NBC / Via

"My boss emailed me from their house and told me that their land line wasn't working. I knew that the phone was off the hook, but I didn't want to sound like a smart ass, so I had to coordinate with a third party to go out to his house and check it out. Yeah... The phone was off the hook."

You're a saint. 😇


14. Technology. Nothing in particular. Just all of it.

Universal / Via

"I never feel more popular than when something breaks around the office. I'm so glad you have so much faith in me, but I have no idea how to fix Google and I definitely can't fix it in the 3 seconds since you emailed me about it."

Did you try turning it off and back on again? #GeekSquad

15. Things that make you go hmmm...

New Line Cinema / Via

"My boss would ping me while I was working in the SF office and he was working from the NY office to coordinate with the NY kitchen staff to make him lunch - he was physically in that office and one floor away from the kitchen."

I got a complicated order.


16. And finally, booger monsters?

Tumblr / Via

"No joke, I had to send an email to all the male employees regarding bathroom etiquette. On the walls of the stalls and the walls next to the urinal, someone started wiping their boogers and snot. Not in one particular stall - ALL of the stalls. There was toilet paper readily available, so no one understood why the culprit didn't use it to blow/pick his nose. I sent out an email to the team to stop wiping boogers on the stalls and stayed late after work to clean it (since the janitorial staff wouldn't)."

😱 Is this real life?

Well, apparently, it is AND it's an actual thing... "I stopped this exact problem with a note threatening DNA testing of the bio-material - boogers stopped!"


Have some 😱 moments of your own? Share them in the comments.