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    16 White Lies Every Sister Has Told

    "Don't look at me, I didn't take it."

    1. "I didn't even go in your room."

    And I definitely didn't use your favorite lipstick that's in there, either.

    2. "Mom says to give me a ride to the movies later."


    Because there's a better chance of you agreeing if you think Mom is making you.

    3. "I haven't seen your favorite shirt."

    lindsayconlon_ / Via

    It's definitely NOT at the bottom of my laundry basket.

    4. "Dad says you have to wash the car this weekend."


    I don't want to, so I'm making you do it.

    5. "That looks better on me."

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    It doesn't, but I wear it more than you.

    6. "Pleeeeease buy my concert ticket, I'll pay you back I swear."


    Except I'll avoid doing that until you forget about it.

    7. "You can have the remote when this show is over."


    I'm really hoping that you'll get bored and leave.

    8. "Yeah but Mom loves me the most."


    We both know she doesn't play favorites, but I just want to make you mad.

    9. "I didn't eat your leftovers!"


    I definitely ate your leftovers, and they were delicious.

    10. "I don't know where your curling iron is."

    It's in my room, but I didn't ask if I could borrow it.

    11. "You gave me this top, remember?"


    Yeah... I took this without asking you.

    12. "I don't know why Mom's so moody."


    It's definitely because I blamed you for the mess I made so I don't get in trouble.

    13. "I'll buy you a new sweater, chill."


    I'm only saying this so you'll get off my case.

    14. "You can have the bathroom in 10 minutes, I'm almost done."


    Well, more like half an hour. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    15. "Whatever, you're a loser."

    Touchstone Pictures

    I want to make you mad but I don't have a better comeback.

    16. "I hate you."


    Because at the end of the day, they're still your BFF. 💞

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