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    16 White Lies Every Sister Has Told

    "Don't look at me, I didn't take it."

    1. "I didn't even go in your room."

    2. "Mom says to give me a ride to the movies later."

    3. "I haven't seen your favorite shirt."

    4. "Dad says you have to wash the car this weekend."

    5. "That looks better on me."

    6. "Pleeeeease buy my concert ticket, I'll pay you back I swear."

    7. "You can have the remote when this show is over."

    8. "Yeah but Mom loves me the most."

    9. "I didn't eat your leftovers!"

    10. "I don't know where your curling iron is."

    11. "You gave me this top, remember?"

    12. "I don't know why Mom's so moody."

    13. "I'll buy you a new sweater, chill."

    14. "You can have the bathroom in 10 minutes, I'm almost done."

    15. "Whatever, you're a loser."

    16. "I hate you."