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    27 Jobs That TV, Movies, And Books Get Wrong, According To Professionals

    "While there are some good-looking doctors, not all are not McDreamys and McSteamys."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what TV shows, movies, and books get wrong about their job. Here are the ones that prove media need to do more research!

    1. Being a lifeguard in real life actually means cleaning up a lot of vomit and poop.

    2. Those who work in bridal salons only want you to feel your best. They aren't trying to get you to buy what you hate!

    3. Doctors are usually portrayed doing things that are typically done by nurses or other medical staff.

    4. Librarians are true heroes because they can deal with a LOT of disrespectful patrons.

    5. Servers are constantly busting their ass and rarely have time to take a break and talk to friends.

    6. Those who work in movie theaters don't really care if you bring in outside food as long as they don't have to be the ones to clean up your mess.

    7. Teachers realistically work 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and don't send kids to the office at every minor disruption.

    8. Everything you see about forensic science on CSI is basically a lie.

    9. Estheticians wear protective gear when treating every single client.

    10. Public service and social workers aren't disheveled and unhelpful in real life.

    11. Accountants aren't mindless robots who have no life outside of work.

    12. The media seems to think all psychologists love Sigmund Freud.

    13. Dental hygienists do more than just clean your teeth — they assess your oral health and how it affects the rest of your body.

    14. Being a software developer isn't the same thing as being a hacker.

    15. Working in a psych facility doesn't mean jabbing patients to sedate them multiple times a day.

    16. In reality, bakers have to have a lot of stamina and can't just close up shop around the holidays.

    17. Lots of antiques shows only feature the priciest finds, which isn't realistic to day-to-day pawning.

    18. TV reporters don't just rush to a scene of breaking news and go live right away.

    19. Therapists don't have romantic relationships with clients.

    20. Architects aren't all loaded as hell.

    21. Airline ground staff and flight attendants aren't airheads! They're prompt and prepared.

    22. HR professionals work hard to keep companies running smoothly and aren't all grumpy.

    23. The publishing industry is super cutthroat. It's not easy to get a book deal!

    24. Baristas barely have a second to themselves to take a bathroom break, let alone to stand around and chat with their coworkers.

    25. Working in fashion design isn't all glitz and glam ALL the time.

    26. Hotel employees can't give up personal information to ANYONE.

    27. And those who are licensed in cosmetology aren't "dumb" — they have to know a LOT about anatomy to treat clients!

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.